Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Starry Night ☆ ☆ ☆

Heyyo people! I'm back after dashing off few assignments, I eventually have time to blog! wheee~ I eventually met my musicman last Saturday. To be honest, until now I still can't believe what I've seen last Saturday, it was as if a dream to me. He looked so charming, enchanting and the lighting was awesome, as if I was in somewhere in the galaxy. Well, million thanks to Galaxy and indeed my cousie who helped me bought the tickets! woots! love love!

Perhaps, I am still not use to my college life. I still mourn when I have to wake up at 6am in the morning, even though only once a week, but still I hate it very much. HAHA Because I am no longer a secondary student, but still.... sigh* When all the syllabuses are getting harder and harder, it makes my mind blown and shattered. Today class ended an hour earlier, which makes me so happy yet my lecturer finished an chapter in less than an hour. How efficient he is. lol His pace as if rocket speed, none stop lecturing. I might find it irritating, but now I am getting used to it, sometimes I am also immune to it as well. Okay, I shall stop complaining about my college life. Well, because I don't want to irritate you as well.

And these two days, I've been replaying the same song over and over again, until my mom got annoyed. LOL Last Monday was the Mid-Autumn Festival where there was a big and bright round moon in the night sky, but somehow that night, the moon seemed to be so lonely. Then, I recalled back to what I've seen in my ns campsite.... The night view was breathtaking and memorable, perhaps I can never forget those three months of starry night accompanied me to sleep. :) I wish I could go back there, if I am allowed to. I really want, I miss that starry night so much! The clear starry night, accompanied by the moon. You can never imagine how beautiful it was, I can never get tired of it.

Okay, back to my point, what song? It is Vincent (Starry Starry Night) by Don McLean. ☆ ☆ ☆

Frankly, I knew this song from a HongKong drama and I instantly fell in love with it, but slowly I forgot about it, until two days ago. It reminds me of the starry night of the three months.

Those carefree days, haha, spent everyday with friends and we had so much fun! Moreover, we tried new things almost every day, as the city children, we barely have the chance to do so. I love trying new things and high altitude challenge. LOL So, in future if I have the chance, I woud like to try sky diving and bungee jump, or even fly a plane. HAHAHA I love how it feels to drench in such freedom and free fall. So, striving and hoping for my wishes may come true in future! yay!

Okay, I shall not bore you any more, that's all for today! ;)

Friday, September 05, 2014

25th Anniversary Celebration

Greeting to my imaginary readers! I am so sorry for not keeping my blog up-to-date. So as a compensate, I am here to update about my music school concert held on 23rd of August 2014. And, about the competition I participated was held one day before the concert, but well I didn't win any prizes, but I gained a lot of experience. haha :) 

Pianoforte 25th Anniversary Celebration, 23rd August 2014, Saturday.

Ya'know what, I feel so old when I got to know about other performers. LOL It was because in my group, I'm the eldest among them and I ought to carry the responsibility of a 'group leader' as I had to take care my members. Well, moreover I was asked to lend a helping hand to take care of some kids as well! And I thought I was alone to do that task, but fortunately, I met someone- Ivy Hee! hahaha Once again we met at the concert as we used to be group members of last concert performance. hehe AWESOME! As for performers we had to be at KL PAC since morning or afternoon, and they took bus to there. But as for me and Ivy we had special transportation, HAHA. We reached there around 10am if I'm not mistaken, because of those kids. lol 

So, after loads of rehearsal were going on during the noon time, then it eventually came to evening, where we had to get dressed up for the performance! It was so fortunate to have volunteers helping out the concert! So they helped us to do our make up, as I was so lazy to do it myself hehe. Then, some of them were asking for hair styling.... But all of them were so busy doing make up for the others... Left me and Ivy.... So, yeap we helped those who requested for hair styling to do their hair. Our of sudden, we became crews. It felt so different, because it was as if I was so so so part of the concert and I felt a pinch of satisfactory when I saw their hair so pretty and nice on stage. HAHAHA Yeap, we are considering to be crews on next concert. LOL Just maybe.?

After that around 8pm the show started. :) 

Kids are so cute with their ukulele hahaha!



Taekwondo performance

Ivy hahaha

This guy was singing 如果没有你 by Karen Mok! He could sing so well!

Bucket Song ( I think )

HAHA I dont know why I find these two kids so adorable!

Cup Song with the audiences

Special effect for special guest - RayMak

Winner of Junior Category. Singing Count On Me with his guitar. 

Winner of Group Category: Playing an Interlude from the movie Secret by Jay Chou

Winner of Senior Category: Playing Moanin' by Bobby Timmons

So the concert came to the last part!

Mrs Theang, Auntie Wong and Mr Theang.

It was a successful concert! All hard work from the crews and performers. Of course, audiences and parents who have been supporting Pianoforte and their children. ;)
Wondering where is my performance? 

HAHAHA Here ....

(pardon me for those mistakes)

Totoro wheeee~

I didn't upload all the photos taken on that day, because it would take years for me to arrange them. I hope you guys can understand! hehehehe

Okay, that's all for my concert. Hopefully I will upload my competition soon. :)