Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reclaimed and Lose - The Magical Moment.

Halo people! I am back with another post without food. Sorry, for letting you guys down, because I wasn't really into or have the chance to go for food hunt. haha I was working part-time and my degree is gonna start on coming Monday, wish me luck. Hopefully most food and travel posts in future!

Recently, I was completely in confusion, trapped and struggled. In short, I was lost. I wasn't sure if what I am doing now is good for myself, because something popped out in my mind which turned me into confusion, again. I found my real passion, well, to be honest, should be confront. I always try to convince myself not to think about it, especially during this crucial moment, however I just can't. It kept popping into my mind, like a reminder. But for real, I just can't pursue it, I have no ability to support my passion, which has worsen the whole situation. And that's why, I struggled so much, well I do struggle a little bit now but not too much. haha There is more... Seeing friends are able to pursue for their dreams, indeed, I feel really happy for them, but there's just, ya'know, separating is hard. I was as if having a short-term depression until I eventually released myself.

While I was playing my piano in this afternoon, I felt something magical happened. I felt my soul was released, freed to roam. I was trying to play LuXiaoYu by Jay Chou, but I could barely remember the melody, so I closed my eyes, like I used to be, letting my fingers to run freely on the keyboard. Then, all the notes came into one piece, the melody started to run, the song was finally completed. At the same time, I was released. I know it sounds really weird, but it does happen. That's how the magic works. It's just magical, isn't?

In the dark I see no one, but I feel myself. Then, I found my freedom. During the time of playing piano with my eyes closed was indeed awesome, I felt so light and just living at that moment, enjoying my playing, just simply happy. It had been a long time since I felt so contented, lively and simply happy. Because that's how life should be.

Again, music saves me. Even though it doesn't last long, but still everything starts to fall into place, slowly. I do feel better now, at least I know I have something rest on when I need it. When in the darkness, I somehow feel more secure and confident, because it's only me. Well, maybe by putting myself in the dark, can make my mind focus more? Then, be able to put everything into one piece and figure it out. lol Or, maybe I just need to spend more time with music to give me more mental support. hahahaha I sound so pathetic. Well, maybe it's true? 

I shall give myself a break, well, I ain't got time for a break now, degree starts in real soon. And I guess I have enough of break just yet I clear my mind. lol Too bad. Well, life doesn't always go the way as you wish, just like my passion. However, I believe maybe, perhaps, one day I will be able to pursue my passion and experience different things all around the world. 

That's all, I hope it doesn't bore you, even though it does, I know. hahahaha 

Take care, love ya'll,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Owls Cafe.

Hello people! I am back for another food discovery! I guess most of you have heard of Owls Cafe for quite long time, and I eventually got the chance to try it out after hearing some positive feedback from my sister. So last Friday I went with my college babes and Tuesday with my another group of babe. haha Basically went there twice within a week. hehe

The Owls Cafe @Bukit Jalil.
Block 5, Unit 12-1 (1st Floor),
Jalil Link, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

First thing is that the space is really limited, so the queue is freaking long. On Friday I waited for around 15 minutes to get seated for three; Tuesday waited around half an hour for four. lol And on both days I was really hungry which made it worse. hahahaha Lemme tell you, they got endless queue, so just try to be as early as possible if you wanna skip all the hassle. haha

The ambassadors of Owls Cafe. hahahahaha

The interior design is full of owls. lol

The King- recommended by Nat, it was really good. It's actually banana cake coated with peanut butter. Surprisingly good, because I'm not a fan of peanut butter, but the banana cake tasted awesome. 
Chocolate Marshmallow- Another disappointing hot chocolate- Chocolate milk.

Queen Elizabeth.
This is actually available for limited time due to their anniversary celebration. I guess it's almost like a combo of Rebecca, David and The Queen. Fyi, three of them are waffles. lol 
The only thing that I can rave about this is the Earl Grey ice-cream. Surprisingly the macaroon wasn't too sweet which caught my attention. haha Otherwise, were pretty normal for me.

Amanda requested for a photoshooting for Queen Elizabeth. lol

Red Bolognese. 
Muffin & Lox.
This was a total MEH on that day. The salmon was so salty and not fresh, the mushroom wise was not really up to expectation.


yala, yala, pretty la.

pretending to be owls.

Tuesday with different babes, got to catch up with Ruh.

The salad was way too much. hahahaha I like the chips tho.

Morning Daisy add on with beef bacon.

Creamy Seafood Pasta.
I personally not a fan of seafood, but the sauce was really special due to the curry powder! It's a fusion dish which I kinda like it.

Milo Dinosaur.
I guess it would be better if the ice-cream flavour is dark chocolate, but too bad that time dark choco was out of stock. So, we chose earl grey instead.

Queen Elizabeth again. haha
But the green tea macaroon was kind bad. It tasted like cheap macaroon where the green tea tasted like essence. ew.

With them. my loves.

Overall, I don't see why it's so crowded. Maybe I'm just not belong to one of the crowd. However, it's not that bad, but just ya'know normal. lol Moreover, maybe due to its crowd, so it tends to be quite noisy and not really that kind of ambience I'm looking for. Anyway, if I get the chance to go again, I would like to try the classic waffle, because it's where you can tell the goodness of the waffle they make! 

Okay that's all for today's food postieee! Hope you like it! Hopefully more food hunt to go! :D

take care, and loveya'll,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

FRANCO after Dynasty Dragon.

Heyyo imaginees! I am back with more food hunt! YAYYYY! FOOD. Today my family and I went for my papa's belated bday lunch at Dynasty Dragon located at C180. Initially, they were deciding between this and another nearby Hulu Langat if I'm not mistaken. But then, due to the weather issue, we chose C180. HEHEHHE 

Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant@C180, CenterStage
Well, to be very honest, the service they provided was really poor. Seriously. Perhaps due to the limited labour force, there wasn't any people approach us when we arrived upon the entrance. The restaurant inside was kind of crowded because it's Sunday, ya'know, family day. After finding the place for ourselves, we eventually settled down for our lunch while we were so hungry. hahaha Okay, I shall stop complaint too much and let the photos start! *pardon for low photo quality*

My favourite!! XIUMAI! You can't go wrong with dimsum on Sunday! lol

This taste really quite good.

Dessert- Honeydew with sagu. 
This wasn't only looking kinda gross, and was quite disappointing as well.

Snack- dk what tofu.
Since it's snack, the portion was quite small for my family of six.
Not only looking cute, it's crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. thumbsup!

Pork Neck with Shimeji Mushroom.
The pork was good too.

Lotus Root with Macademia Nuts and Cellery.  

Actually the food they served was kind satisfying, yet the services provided were poor. Anyway, it's considered an enjoyable lunch for food. loll

Well, we couldn't just go home after lunch right, so we decided to go for shopping at IOI City mall. ;)

FRANC✪@IOI City Mall
Wanted to try Franco for quite some time, and finally I got to try it out! I heard some good and bad feedback from my sisters. Because she tried once at OneUtama and once in Midvalley, however the quality wasn't consistent. So, I really wanted to know how it will turn out for IOI City mall. nyeknyek.
Very patriotic yo.

Iced Matcha Latte.
Too milky. meh. 
Which makes me to have more urges to try Matcha Hero Kyoto! arghhhhhh

Iced and Hot Cafe Au Lait.
I tried the iced one and it's really good. The mild milky taste didn't surpass the coffee aroma, which turned out to be really good. And the coffee aroma stayed for quite some time in my mouth. Recommend this to those who like black coffee, but with a mild taste of milk.

Chocolate Souffle.
I don't really like or dislike this, but my sistas and mom said it' was good. It tasted like what I did last time- the mug cake aka microwave cake. hahaha I used milo powder instead of cocoa powder, which turned out to taste like this souffle. lol It didn't taste nasty, I mean the souffle, but I would like to try the match one. hehe

Adzuki Red Bean&Jelly Pancake Match Softee. 
My sista told us this tasted different from the Midvalley one. lol However, I don't find this good anyway. The matcha pancake wasn't as fluffy as I expected. The dark jelly is coffee and green of course matcha. The ice-cream wasn't too bad, and adzuki red bean wasn't up to expectation as well. After this, it makes me wanna go to OneU's brunch to try a better version. lol

Franco French Toast. 
This combo was quite good I would say. The toast had a really good savoury of eggs! After showered it with the maple syrup if I'm not mistaken, its delicious-ness level up! Moreover, the whipecream on the top, wasn't too sweet which surprised me alot, because normally this cream does make me lose my appetite. lol 

Croque Madame.
This toast was great as well, but I don't really like the overwhelming cheese thingy, which made it kind of salty to me. However, it was good, the toast. The salad otherwise which was so disappointing! Not fresh at all and too little! D;

The egg yolk...........yummmmmmmms

Okay, that's all for today's foodie post! Stay tuned for another food hunt at Owls Cafe 

take care, loveya'll,

Friday, August 07, 2015

Food Combo.

Hello everyone! As I'd promised, this post gonna be very foodie yo! Today I'm gonna update you guys about the three cafes I went long ago and not long ago. HAHAHA 

Greenhouse by Muir@Ampang
1, Jalan Nipah, Kampung Berembang, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Just beside Gleneagles Hospital) 

Well, I was quite looking forward to this restaurant because the concept seemed to be interesting to me. haha It's like the canteen concept, but real damn high-class one where they will provide you with baskets or mini trolleys. They have different sections, coffee/tea and cakes, sushi and sashimi, tempura and don, and pastry. After grabbing all the food, then kindly pay at the cashier.
However, there are some inconvenience caused. Firstly, the seats provided are quite limited, then the toilets are far away from the dining area is like real damn far. hahahaha That time me and my sister went there was drizzling, so we went to the toilet with an umbrella which is kinda inconsiderate for some seniors. Anyway, the concept is not that bad, if interested to try out this kind of concept, yes please. 

This table of food costed about two hundreds. which is really pricey for such food (fastfood).

Moreover, for me the food quality is definitely not worth the price. Seriously. The food choices are quite limited as well. And really nothing special about the food that worth the price. I guess only the concept is new.

Desserts. Nothing special that worth the price too. lol

Overall, that's gonna be my first and last visit I guess. But if interested to try, go ahead and tell me how you feel, maybe you will like it. Different people have different taste. *don't judge me* haha

Amelio Artisan Breads and Bites
FF-07, The Waterfront @ Parkcity, 
5, Jalan Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 
52220, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My sister, cousie and I went there for brunch after our "work out" at FRIM. hahaha 

Iced Chocolate- That's another sad chocolate I'd tried. Too milky.
Mushroom Omelette (top)- The only thing I wanna highlight is the strawberry jam. It was made from real strawberry which wasn't too sweet or sour. Good combo with the croissants.
Deluxe Big Breakfast Set with Hot Americano (bottom&right)- Only the bread that caught my attention. It has the aroma of the herbs, which was really appetizing. :)

Other than western cuisine, they do serve some local cuisine as well. :)

5.1 Cafe Gallery
No.11-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 5, 
Sri Petaling, 57000, Kuala Lumpur.

Another cafe discovery with mama yesterday. It was her idea anyway, because she saw her bakery teacher shared it on fb, so she couldn't wait to try it out, since we were at that area as well. *even we are not in the area, she will still insist to go. hahaha*
We actually didn't try too many thing, because that was a very awkward timing to have coffee/tea and cakes. So we just ordered coffee, hot chocolate and cake. hahahaha

Flat White- I tasted some extra flavour but I couldn't recognize what was that, but nothing bad. Anyway, it was good.
Flourless Chocolate- Another bonus! jenggggg The texture is really smooth and rich. Really yummy and doesn't taste like those cheap chocolate. lol
Hot Chocolate- It was really good too. Not milky at all which what I always expect from a hot chocolate. 

Just a tale to tell, I told the cashier: "One hot chocolate." She asked: "Hot or Cold?" I hesitated: "Erm...  Hot." I was so surprised and found it so funny at the same time. But anyway, it's no big deal, just something to remind all. hahahaha 
The environment is really cozy and mostly decorated with woods. Really good place to hang out with friends to have some girls talk. Another favourite place to hang out maybe. haha Hopefully to try out more from 5.1 in the future!

Okay, it's all for my foodie post! Hope to discover more good place with good food in the future! ;)

taka care, loveya'll,

Friday, July 31, 2015

At Last.

Okay guys, I'm eventually back here. Not sure if I'm considered have finished my Foundation course, because my results is still pending, so yeah. I feel kinda lost right now as I have seriously no idea about the next stage of my life. LOL What I really want deep inside can be hardly achieved now as some restrictions which are out of my control. I know what I really want to pursue, just that I am unsure about the ways, the possible ways which I can reach for. What I lack of is my courage. I am always afraid of approaching something risky, okay in short I am a coward. All the disguise I've been having is really tiring, but at the same time, it's my instinct to do so. It's my human nature after all. Sorry to have you listening to my craps, but still life is just the way it is. Okay, I've gone too far now. 

So far, my foundation life wasn't so bad, except for few real damn challenging but fun assignments. I've met some crazy funny b*tches who have given me so much joy and pain in those days. hahaha There are some good and bad experience indeed, it did bring me anger and disappointment, but I've learnt my lesson well. Sometimes, do not make assumption too early, it might bring you another disaster to your life. hahahaha I am so lucky to have this group of coursemates with me for the whole courses, without them, my foundation life would be so boring. Love ya'll! *(◕ε ◕。 ) muacks*

Next, I guess the wisest decision I've made so far is changing my hair style! hahahaha I was so eager to get a LOB (long bob) for quite a time, so I decided to confront my final examination with a new hair look. I was so happy and satisfied with the outcome, and I'm so in love with it! I would never reminisce my long hair, lol because it was so damn troublesome hahaha. I guess I will stick to my LOB for a long time, because it suits me quite well. It's so easy to take care and I really enjoying the length, no more 5-10 minutes of blow drying! phewwwww I feel so happy and lighter after the hair cut! I guess, I've found my kind of hair look. lol
After the haircut. wheeee~

With a little bit of curls at the tips.

WARNING. Grumpy post ahead.

"Life doesn't go the way as you wish, unless you give in some effort to make it happen." That's what I've been telling myself, but still 'me' doesn't want to listen. You know that kind of conversation with yourself, where you're basically like those cartoons, "angel me vs devil me" kind of mind conversation. haha But still, I always defeated by temptation due to my weak self-control. *sigh* My life has been a war for me, "me versus me" kind of lame thing. I thought life would go the way I want by mere thinking. I was so naive in a good way, but stupid in truth. Until now, I do have that thought swirling in me, and I do tend to follow its advice, yet I am trying very hard. That kind of loathsome struggle is really killing me, as if it's trying to tear me apart. 
Trying doesn't always win, and it doesn't mean that you're not trying hard enough. It's just part of life. Life is not a drama, but it is kind of a like a drama, the only difference is life has not script to follow so anything could happen and cannot be rewrite. I am not brave enough to go wild, but I really want to. I am always trying to be sane to follow my plans and I've always have backup plans for myself. Everything must go accordingly so that I can have a sweet dream at night. What a pathetic life. I guess what I'm really lacking is a piece of sh*t guts. zzZ

Okay, I shall try to update more interesting (food)photo posts next time, so not to bore you all. I'll try my best! *fwighting*

take care, loveya'll,