Friday, January 16, 2015

It slaps hard on my face.

Hello everyone! Today is Friday, it's everybody's favourite day! Especially, for me because I need not to go for classes! teeheeeee I've been trying to dash off my assignment which due on next Thursday. But, I seriously need some inspirations to continue, I am stuck. *cry* Recently, I'd been through some rough days. Really, BAD HORRIBLE DAY. 

Freaking careless mistakes cost me 50% of my test. Next incidence, I went to the cashier to pay for my drink, I couldn't find my money, even though I kept digging in my purse. I was very sure that I'd notes in my purse, but then found tons of coins yet weren't enough for the drinks. I asked if I could pay by card, but then no. wtf FML It was really a terribly bad day. Then I left the convenient shop with huge embarrassment slapping on my face. After my mom fetched me, I was still searching for that note in my purse... In the END, within 5 minutes, I found it appeared in my purse from nowhere. SERIOUSLY! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME. I carried the freaking flashback for the entire day, still couldn't get over it. How could I get over within 24 hours, when the most embarrassing thing happened to me. D: And I screwed up my test because of my carelessness, yet not IDK. Despite the unbearable pain and embarrassment are still swirling inside me, but I am getting better each day, as time will make everything better, I hope. 

Everybody definitely has some rough time in life. Only how you define your kind of 'rough time'. All of these are very personal and subjective. Somehow, we tend to judge people's rough time by comparing with our own. Don't we? To be very honest, sometimes I do. This is human nature, but we know it is not right to judge people's life, and yet we are still doing it. We use other people's life to measure ours and so we can define our lives. Somehow, is it right? It depends. There is no definite answer. If you are comfortable by comparing people's life with yours, then go ahead. But better not disrupt others' lives. To me, I think it's unnecessary, because I live my life in my way, there is need not a measurement to define my life. Anyhow, I still doing it, but seldom. HAHAHAHA *hypocrisy neh*

These days the sky are so blue and clear, and seldom rain. The sunlight is burning my skin and the heat is barbecuing my brain. However, I love the night sky of this cloudless weather. I am not sure if your area is able to see countless stars in the night sky, but mine is real damn nice and clear during night time. I can see stars glittering in the clear and unpolluted night sky in these few days. Unpolluted means free from photopollution (光害). My area considered quite rural I'd say, it is somewhat surrounded by a lot of trees, but it is slowly developing in to housing area as well, which makes me really really really sad and disappointed. No more chilling weather during hot day, and gradually will be affected by air pollution too. Development can be good, but mostly bad. It depends on how you develop it. 

Enjoy the starry night while you're still be able to see them glittering in the night sky, soon our sky will be covered by haze because of our selfishness and inconsideration.

that's all, I shall continue my assignment! 

Good luck and take care! 


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Yes, it will be another better year. -2015

HALO! I am eventually back!!! woohoo, time flies yeah! This is my first post of 2015 yo! Okay, I am kinda in high spirit right now. LOL Anyway, it is probably my disguise for my coming stressed out week, three tests on next week and assignment to go. wtf  Yet, I am not prepared. wish me tons of luck please.

Okay, I shall not start it with negativity! Last Saturday was a contented day with my potatoes, most importantly, we celebrated hm's birthday which he used to moan about it to us that we never care for his big day! But now we finally proved him wrong, haha. Another thing was Philia eventually showed up! What a great gathering, despite hj is thousands miles away from us, but still we miss him as well lah. 

Everything happened in the blink of eyes. First week of 2015 is heading to its end. WHAT?!! I can't even recall what had happened, how can you pass so swiftly?! Despite of all negatives in 2014, somewhat 2014 was still a pleasant year. So now, 2015, can you make it a better year for all earthlings? I know you can! And you will be. :) 

Hm's big day at Sunway Pyramid.

Bonus from his bday celebration. HAHAHA *shake your booty*

Short video from that night. *pardon for the low quality* 
*actually I have more, but hahaha those are for myself  :P *

We had dinner at Bubba Gump, quite a nice restaurant, regardless of the dimmed lighting, haha. However, the menu is okay for me, quite similar to Chili's & Grill Bar. I guess it is famous for shrimps, I could see quite a variety of shrimp dishes, which I don't really fancy, because I don't fancy shrimps. LOL Anyways, it is another great option for lunch or dinner with friends and family! :) 

End it with my selfie! HAHA 


Be safe and goodnight! 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014, You are alright. Please be alright.

So much pain to endure in this year, indeed 2014. Even til the very end of you, the pain is exaggerating. We are trying to recover from all the tragedies that happened and carved endlessly deep in our heart. There is too much to endure. The encounters are too much to handle for a normal person, so then it still happened. 

Some of them would say it is the darkest year of all, but is it true? Yeah, maybe? Probably too many tragedies happened within 365 days, indeed too many. Can we take it? Ironically, we ought to deal with them isn't? Life leaves us no choice, we ought to when it happens, regardless can or not. A lot of lives were gone within seconds. I could not imagine how they feel when they were at the edge of death. How terrified they were. How helpless they were. How their mind would be blown away by what was ahead of them. How lives went on after then. I don't want to imagine all these, even though while typing these, my mind and emotion are working out for it. 

Perhaps, our pain will be gone soon, somewhat the pain will still be there forever, especially every time 2014 is mentioned. Isn't? To me, it will be. The pain will return every time it is mentioned and it reminds of fragile lives. All the memories about them will rush into my mind without any doubts. Admittedly, the pain I feel will be so tiny little compared to those who involved. But, my mind just can't take off from all the tragedies happened. How can all these happened so fast? So heartlessly. What can we do? Can all these be avoided? There is endless questions swirling in my mind right now. Sadly, there will be no one to answer them. Nor I will get the answer I yearn for.

What's the answer? Who can bring it to me? 

It is almost the end of 2014. Less than 36 hours from now, then 2014 will reach its end. And all its remarkable scars will be remembered for eternity. What a fearful year I would say. Fear of death, lives, and helpless.

Tomorrow is the last 24 hours of 2014. What will happen next? 

Irrationally, I would ask, what do you want from us? However, on second thought, it isn't 2014's fault. 2014 is only the period that record what had happened in itself. It is obviously not its fault for what had happened. But, pardon for my immaturity, I really want to erase everything that happened. 

Indeed, there is no use to mourn over what had had happened. Just my heart sink every time when I see the news. All the flashbacks of 2014 leave my heart sink for a very long time. Then, my mind starts to think into a wrong way, immature way. As to try to escape from the pain and sorrow.

Lives had been taken for what kind of reason? Accidents are the most innocent and horrid way to take lives away, isn't? Lives were taken without knowing what's the reason nor the cause. How scary it is. Yet sometimes, accidents show how weak we could be. 

There is so much to take in. Lately, I've been thinking, why are we carry on living? Aren't we digging our own graves as the time elapses? 

Those who live, carry on; Those who'd gone, rest in peace.

Maybe I shall stop and take a break. 

Take care and be safe to all.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

❅ It's Christmas yo! ☃

Hello imaginees! I am here to keep my promise! erm, apology to all because I am supposed to update it yesterday. Anyways! Merry Christmas to everybody! 

Last Friday, potatoes had a early Christmas party at Eric's house! It was a contented and happy party! Millions thank to Eric's family for making the gathering so fulfilling and warm. The food and gifts are the best! Especially, the handmade cupcake body soup! Too much cute!! The mild fragrance is really soothing and it's my favourite lavender! love it!

erm, not much of photo of us barbecuing or gift exchanging. But definitely, groufie! xoxo 
*christmas songs playing in the background* ❄ ❅ 

Everybody was extremely happy! Love all the groufies! 

Girls! xoxo

The Christmas tree behind us hehe

Edit it with Christmas stickers! So much Christmas feel! 

Christmas nails! 

Yeap that's all for my short Christmas update! May you have a blessed Christmas with love ones!

☃ ❄ 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's another Warm and Colourful Day

Halo guys! Christmas is less 48 hours away, and I have class tomorrow which is Christmas Eve. Planning to do my nails with my bij. hahaha Since my piano lesson is on break now, I shall granted myself a little wish! Ohh? I am a little Santa for myself. lol Actually, everyone is a little Santa for themselves. Isn't it? hehehe

Frankly, I am supposed to do my assignments, but I am extremely lazy and my mind is exhausted after a long day of classes. (obviously, excuses eh) Okay, I am procrastinating because I think I deserve some break mah..... Just a random short update. I am not home yet, still outside waiting for my sista to finish doing her stuff. So, yeap, here I am crapping with my lappy.

Assignments, assessments and quizs are killing me. LOL Even though, I am barely able to deal with them, but still it is December! All my past Decembers were spent so leisurely and no existence of assignments nor schooling. But now, I gotta go for my second semester on December while everybody is having their holiday. Life is apparently changing for me. And I shall try to accept those changes. It's time to move on. Unlike old days when I was allow to slack, haha and without worrying anything, just sit back and slack. 

Life is genuinely different now. It is not that I just realized, just that, I am so reluctant to take in all these. I am growing up and closer to the society, where most risks and schemes are hiding. lol I may exaggerate a little bit, yet still outside there are so many people we yet to meet. Different kind of people, various problems and challenges. 

What ahead of my is a genuine unknown.

I might be fret, and anything could happen. But right now, I hope I can get through anything. Well, I am not feeling weak or anything negative, just that sometimes, I need to boost up my inner motivation in order to make me stronger little by little. I'll never know how the future will go, because I am not a fortuneteller, 

Life is never easy.  

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it is not the end." - John Lennon

Anyhow, we must move on and live til the end. Life is a riot of colour and hopes are meant to be there for us. 

Let's try to puke some rainbows in your life! HAHAHAHAHAHA Perhaps, you will feel better!

That's all! May you have a pleasant day! loveya And millions thank you to anyone who finishes reading the entire post! 


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's have a Bites@LakeField

Heyyo imaginees, I am back again! I just finished watching Sword Art Online Season 2 aka Gun Gale Online. Honestly, I love watching it so much, either season one or two, SAO is another best anime I'd ever watch after Inuyasha! Fairy Tail is getting worse in each episode. I am disappointed at the plot right now, as if they are trying to drag the story and getting boring, but still I will keep tracking on the story because I just can't stop in the half way. *sigh* Sad to see Fairy Tail becoming so boring, because the starting was so exciting and fascinating! Maybe the it's too long, like hundreds of episodes til now, I guess. lol 

Okay I shall start the real deal here! :) 

So, last Thursday me and bij had our lunch after our class. To be very frank, I'm quite frustrated by the time table, lol, because Wed and Thurs we only go for 2 hours of class. WHAT. Really wasting my time. *cry* So, Amanda suggested to have lunch at Sungei Besi since she was driving. hehehe 

Then, here we were Bites Cafe @ Lake Field (fb).

Bites Cafe @ Lake Field, Sungei Besi.

The interior design is comfortable and cute.

(left to right) Amanda, Nicole, me, Natalie!

Beef Carbonara - The best dish of all. 
The sauce was creamy and wasn't too cheesy, just nice! Everything was up to my expectation. yay!

The Swiss.
I found that potato rosti was quite interesting! 
First bite of the rosti, the scent of green spring onion was just nice and wouldn't overtake the potato itself. Scramble Egg and Beef bacon were still okay.

Egg Benedict with smoked salmon.
Well, it wasn't up to my expectation. I couldn't taste the smoked salmon somehow, and the poached egg was a meh.

Waffles with vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas and berries.
This was completely a MEH. The waffle wasn't soft yet crispy.? Was it supposed to be crisply hard? 
The only winner was the vanilla ice-cream, it somehow tasted a bit salty, but still good. I could see the vanilla seeds in the ice-cream, as you can see it's made of the real vanilla not extract. *happy*

Maybe I shall try the ice-cream itself! They have homemade ice-cream, like pandan kaya, Horlicks and so on. slurrrrrrrrrp! Hopefully there will be a next visit, for ice-creams. HAHAHA

I shall update about my early Christmas party on Christmas Eve yo! :) HEHEHE
Stay tuned people! 

That's all, HAPPY SUNDAY!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Before it ends

Heyyo imaginees! I had a great night with my lovely potatoes yesterday! Millions thanks to Eric's family for putting so much effort on this early Christmas party! I feel really bad and guilty when we didn't manage to finish all the scrumptious delicacy! 

It's been awhile since my last update! I am so sorry for not keeping my blog updated, my second semester just started and I got my first assignment and 'practice quiz' on the second day. How awesome was that right... lol Obviously, this shows that my second semester isn't gonna be as easy as it seems, despite only three subjects. Hopefully, Economics 102 will not kill me too badly. I am working hard on my assignment right now, I guess I am. hahaha Less than three weeks to finish that 20% assignment. D: I wanted to join the Korean Buddy Program, but it seems quite impossible as my second month of my semester probably gonna be occupied with assignment deadlines and assessments. And that program is quite time consuming, D: But I really want to join, somehow impossible.

A short update on 14th of December, Sunday! My relatives came to visit my uncle and so my family went to join them as well! Then, we brought them to visit KLCC! 

My little cute but naughty niece.

Went too visit Petronas Gallery and they happened to have an exhibition on the Street Art in KL!

That creepy smile. HAHAHA 

Trying to be casual but ended up pretty awkward HAHAHA #fail

Then, I chose to be like this instead. *wink*

End it with this epic photo of the year :)

 Hope you guys have a contented weekends! 

Gonna update my visit to Bites Cafe@LakeField with bij and early Christmas Party soon! yay!