Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Day at Mitsui Outlet Park

Hello people, I am back for another food post! My family had a belated birthday celebration for my eldest sister at a Japanese restaurant located at Mitsui. It was quite a satisfying lunch. I tried it once with my mom, sister and uncle, and I found the beef don set was quite okay, yet the sushi was really impressing! Okay, I know, I know, let's talk less. 

Sushi Maru@Mitsui Outlet Park, 8 November 2015, Sunday

I would say the price isn't quite friendly and the menu isn't so unique than the others, HOWEVER, the quality of the food worth every penny of your money! They serve premium set lunch and dinner, but I wouldn't say it's the best Japanese restaurant, because you pay for the quality. Anyhow, this is probably a better option other than, Sushi Zanmai and so on... However, the price is kinda different as well. Well, you pay for what you'll get, I mean the quality. hahaha

Aburi / Fresh Nigiri  8 Kan Sushi
8 Pieces of sushi with special dressing.
That's the one which surprised me for the first time. The fish melted in my mouth like, seriously. I was shocked in the first time. lol Of course, I did find the sauce was abit unique for my taste, but for the price is like... hahaha

Salmon Roll

Soft Shell Crab Harumaki
This is another bomb!

Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Sushi & Chicken Teriyaki Gozen
The chicken was still okay, but I like the chawamuchi a lot! It is kinda different from usual chawamuchi, because it serves with a seafood sauce on the top, really delicious!

Salmon Gozen
Not bad as well.

Unagi Don Gozen

She wasn't interested to take photo. lol

After walking around and had some kayaballs and teh iced at the food court, my mom eventually got her wish come true! Because she can eventually try the dessert cafe located next to the Sushi Maru, called Fan Cafe.

I guess they are still new, so the menu is quite limited. And I did get to try some dessert, not too bad.

Tofu Cheese Cake
This tasted like cheese with tofu. wtf hahaha Quite interesting, not too bad seriously. Firstly, it tasted like cheese and very creamy texture, then the after taste got bit of tofu taste, which was really unique.

They got some Japanese fair going on there.

Okay, the food post has come to its end. I was so busy with my assignments recently, I have a deadline on this Friday and a presentation on next Tuesday. OMG. But I do slack, sometimes. hahaha That's why I say I am not a fan of assignment base courses, hate them like I do, seriously. God bless me. tqvm.

Anyway, hopefully more nice food adventures coming! So that I can reward myself a little, ya'know. hahaha Oh yea, a small update, I eventually tried out the Matcha Latte, at Match Hero Kyoto @ Pavilion, Tokyo Street. FINALLY. Well, I still prefer Houjicha Latte over match one, because of the after taste and the aroma of the houjicha is really overwhelming. It lingers in my mouth for quite long time and I want it now so much. hahahahaha Recommend it to all, again!

Alright, that's all for today. Hope to see ya'll soon!

Take care, love ya'll,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Food Hunt with Family.

Hi people out there, I'm back with another food hunt! This post is dedicated to the seafood lovers! Today is public holiday, so my parents were planning to have something like one day trip to anywhere. Then, my mom decided to go to somewhere nearby Broga Hill to have something special. lol Well, less writing, more photos! Let's go! 

Restaurant He Ping
Lot4903a, Jalan Tanah Pinggir, 
71750, Broga, N. Sembilan. 
(somewhere near Broga Hill)
+60 19-278 2159

Papa and Mama

Clay Pot Tofu
Ordered this I guess specially for me, fyi I don't really like seafood and I can't take too spicy food. hehehe

Nyonya Style Sotong
This is quite good, the sauce or soup was quite nice, not too sour nor salty. Surprisingly good.

Bamboo Clams aka Lala, I guess.
Not too sure about the name, but it has some herbal flavour in it. Not too bad, but I guess its soup tasted bit odd to me. hahaha

Coconut Tomyam Soup
I was quite reluctant to try this, because I don't fancy tomyam, especially those really sourly ones. To my surprise, it wasn't that kind of tomyam at all. It was quite clear and with the combination of the coconut, it was kind appetizing, and not too spicy as well. hahaha And the prawn for this dish was quite a lot of them.

And one more vege which I failed to take a photo of it. Anyway, after the meal, we wandered around the restaurant compound :) 

Fish pond yo!

Another kitchen for their signature Grilled Fish, which we didn't manage to try. haha

Grilling da fishes.

Enormous fish

Actually they have another dining area for the bamboo fish and so on, where it's located behind the front lot where me and my family dined in.

faking the candid, ya'know.

I really need to get rid of this ugly and flat hair. zzZ

This random guy was being so emo there. So...

We decided to take picha with him. yeah ;D

Overall, the dining experience there wasn't that bad, as I saw some of the reviews are quite negative, but for my experience, the food here was quite satisfying anyway. Moreover, the prices are quite reasonable, the lunch we had costs less than MYR130. So, it worth a try to expand your seafood hunt! 

Alright, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy this food hunt! :) 

take care, love ya'll,

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Being Random and "Eat Me".

Hi people, I am back with another random post. hahaha Time flies really fast weyh, it's already October and I still have no idea what's going on in my Degree life. wtf. Hopefully I made the right decision for taking the September intake, because it was too sudden for me when I was still in my comfort zone. Honestly, I wasn't ready to get into degree life yet, but I don't want to wait for January intake, if so my life would be completely idle until that time.

Anyway, the beginning of my degree life was kinda sucks, everything was confusing and unorganized. It was because my college started the course one week earlier than the actual university in UK, so the teaching materials weren't send to the tutors aka lecturers. zzZ So basically, the first week of my course here was  basically wasting my time, but I ought to attend the lessons. bleh. In case you're wondering which university of the program I'm taking currently, it's perhaps a uni you'll never hear before, so it's unless to tell you anyway. hahahaha By the way, I'm taking Business Management program, in case you want to know. 

However, until now, I'm still very confused and lost of what I'm ought to do for my courses. There is no examination for my first semester, which is weird to me, and I am so not used to this kind of style. Moreover, I have a bad relationship with assignments, I hate them throughout my life, seriously and my first semester are probably assignment base. fml please. I was thinking to take UOL aka LSE program which is 100% examination base, but the courses they offer aren't my kind of liking, so I chose another one instead. LSE..... and my current one..... Got a enormous difference eh. *cry* Useless to cry over a spilt milk. 

Okay, I've finished my babbling, so let's have some foodie update. Well, this cafe probably most of you guys have tried before, I know I'm really outdated, I know. But I just happened to go there for some girls talk with my cousie and sisters. Then, I thought I might not need to bore your guys with my crap talk, so let's get to the food thing.

Eat Me Artisanal Desserts

23, Jalan Telawi 2
59100 Bangsar Baru
WP Kuala Lumpur.

Eat Me Iced Tea 
It has a really nice lavender aroma, which I kinda like it. Very refreshing and best drink during hot weather. :)

Nutella Chill Pill (front) ; Chill Pill (behind)
Interesting concept, I would say.

Quite nice churros, I love the Dark Belgium Chocolate dipping. Yummmmms! Couldn't get enough of it.

Le Cempedak
The savoury cempedak was just nice, not too overwhelming til like wanting to throw up, lol. But just that the portion is kinda small. The waffles weren't fluffy enough, for me.

Shibuya Honey Bunch
The toast was really buttery and with the combination of ice-cream, it's totally a perfect combo! ;D My niece liked the cornflakes really much, lol she only wanted that from this dish. 

She was kinda reluctant to take photo. 
She was holding the bunny-look grassy deco, I could see that she wanted it, but she dared not to ask. hahahaha 

The imitation game is strong here. 
*my niece followed every move of my cousie* That was so hilarious and adorable! 

Naughty, smart and cute little girl named Crystalbelle. hahaha 
Seeing her growing up and learning new things are so magical to me. *having some sentimental moment here* Time flies, hopefully one day she will be taller and smarter than me and I would be really proud of that. *smirk* hahahaha

Alright, that's obviously the end of this post. Hopefully more outing and food hunting in future, so that I need not to bore you guys will my babbling about my crappy life. lol  

That's all for today! I hope you're having a good day and be grateful for everything you have now! ;D

take care, loveya'll,