Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life is a Mysterious Gift.

Heyyo guys I'm back after two weeks! Actually, I should be doing my revision for my finals right now, but to be genuinely honest, I have no feelings yet. I guess something is going really wrong inside of me now. Well, I do feel something, a bundle of nerves, yet my mind isn't controlling my body to do the action! Less than 10 days from my finals, and I still have very vague understanding of Economics and yet to do the 'research' for my literature. I think Accounts and Maths shall be okay, because they are the last two subjects, so I'll have plenty of time to deal with them. But Economics... Despite my sister keeps saying it's easy and mostly common sense, but still I have a very surface of comprehension about it. Moreover, it's more than 10 chapters. fml OKAY, I shall stop whning about my procrastination. And look forward to my semester break instead. *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

hmmmph, I don't know why I am here hahahahaha, I just have the feeling to write something and babbling about my unknowing life. Yeap, ignorance. I know so little about my life. I've only known about it for more or less 17 years and I have no idea how long I can live. What will the future bring me? Will my dream come true? Can my dream come true if I keep the same pace as now? Life has too many unknowns, too many unsolved questions, yet somehow we still move on. Mostly because moving on is the only choice that left to us. Or perhaps, the curiosity that planted deep inside us which motivate us to move on and see what can our future be. 

Life is a mystery as we have limited knowledge about our future, or even what will happen in the next minute. Maybe while I am typing all these whines, there are thousands and millions of stories happening on the other side of the earth which I can never acknowledge. The world is too big for me to understand and explore. I can't never understand or know everyone who is living their pathetic life here and it would probably take me countless years to accomplish that. 

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist" 
- Oscar Wilde.

My favourite quote of all, as it reminds me to live my life, not just simply exist. I guess in the past, I simply exist most of the time and I lost my own, personal goal of life. Then, I saw this and awaken me to live my kind of life. I don't want just exist, I want to live. I want my life filled with a riot of colours and experience all kind of lifestyles. Life would be wasted if you only stick to one kind of lifestyle. We shall undergo different lives despite good or bad, and experience and learn from them. That's my kind of life that I want to live the most. Life isn't supposed to be too good, we shall encounter some slightly unfortunate to level up ourselves and be a little bit more knowledgeable about life. After all, we will eventually turn into ashes right..... So why not play a little bit unsafe to expose ourselves to a wider space and enrich our feelings? 

No pain, no gain, you have to sacrifice in order to gain more. As I always say, life is a equilibrium trade. You may not gain what you deserve, but you gain something which you yet to acknowledge and could be helpful during crucial moment. All we need to do is to let go. 

And another arduous task in the world is letting go. *playing 'Let It Go" from Frozen in the background*

Friday, November 07, 2014

Flashback in a Rainy Evening.

How time flies!? *cry* The arrival of November, awaken me regarding what I'd done for the passed few months. I feel so wasted somehow, in spite of the first three months in national service, somehow I feel so meaningless for the rest. Did I do something meaningful for my 18? Perhaps, only the national service which seems to be the most fabulous thing in my 18. I have vague memories about the months after my national service, working part time, lifeless days.... Then, what else? Right now, I feel so wasted. darn But too bad, I can never go back in time. Then, I shall stop whining. hehehe

Anyway, time elapses so swiftly that I can't even recall, everything happened too fast, in a short time. I am heading to the end of my first semester. Frankly, I can't believe it. lol, because finals is only less than a month from now, yet I still procrastinating! That's the sad truth of my life. However, I did enjoy this semester, as everything was so fresh and new to me. Met new people, lecturers, another fresh chapter of my life. Hopefully, my academic is quite okay, except for my Economics. I somehow feel so proud that I'd did so well for my Addmaths in Form5 and needless to say, most of the credits definitely go to my tutor, whom he is so kind, funny and thoughtful. :) He is like a grandpa to me, sometimes during my Maths lecture, it reminds me of all the tuition with him. Ah, I feel so lucky to have him as my tutor! hehe I'd never score so well for my Addmaths without his effort, even though I did pay him through the fee. hahahaha

Then, my English! I guess I have improved so much, that I can't even bear to believe it. Maybe my previous English teacher was too strict? Or I do improved?! haha Anyway, I really miss my secondary school life right now. I miss my favourite teachers and friends, all the things we had did in school, all the laughter and memories we created hand in hand. Especially, the effort we painted our own classroom. Even though there is some imperfections, but still we worked together from morning to evening, as a team to finish everything! It was a joyful and fun experience, a memorable memory that carved so deep in my heart. I am so proud to be part of 5S1'2014. 

And to all the SPM'2014 candidates, all the best and cherish every moment you spend with your friends and teachers, because those are priceless memories where you can never ask for the second chance. Of course, give everything you have for your exams, do the best and have faith! Confidence is an important weapon for your battle! Have it all along with you! :) Goodluck! 

Yeap, that's all for today! I hope you have a great Friday! :) 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Power? Powerful? Powerless?

Heyyo, guys what's up! Today is the Halloween! Probably now most of you are dressing up for you Halloween party.. Well, but not me, I am too lazy to dress up or to think about the outfit for the party. *dont judge* lol My friends are so excited about the party which organized by Help-U. It was fun listening to them discussing about their outfit- pyjamas, nurse, doctor surgeons, or even casual. Moreover, we even came out the idea of our daily lunch as the outfit. LOL wantan mee, panmee, bread, mixed rice and so on. They are doubtlessly crazy, but it is fun to have them around, so that my life isn't as boring as it would be. To be very honest, my college is a boring place, the surrounding is.. so empty and not entertaining, except nightclub which only operate during night time.... So, during our break we can go no where to entertain ourselves. This is so pathetically sad. Fortunately, I have my friends around to kill some time or doing silly things. 

As we grow up, we thought we are getting lesser friends, it may be true but sometimes, you have to find the right persons to be friends. I will not guarantee any friendship will last long, but at least we enjoy the entire experience. Sometimes we thought we have less friends, but on second thought, do we? We may have forgotten about some which may not be the memorable friendship, but somehow it was warm. Even small action can change a person's life. 

We may thought we are powerless, but somehow our action, even tiny little action, may be as powerful to change someone's life, yet we just don't acknowledge. So, try to stop complaining and cherish everyone who come and stay, came and left, or yet to come, because we have no idea who will be the next to come. ;)

Remember we are powerful. 

Be kind, Be grateful.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Titi Eco Farm

Heylo, my imaginary readers! :D Last Thursday, my mom had a last minutes 2D1N trip to Titi Eco Farm. I was expected a one day trip, but until the morning, I was informed to pack for one night. So, I didn't pack well, hahahaha. Just simply pack few shirts and my pajamas. 

Titi Eco Farm, 2D1N, 23-24 October 2014 

To be very honest, I didn't know what is that, as far as I know it's an organic farm. That's all I know about it. Then, when I reached there, I was quite disappointed, because it wasn't as chilling as I thought, except at night time. The sun was super hot! The sunlight was directly penetrated to the land, not many of trees to cover the whole land, because it is mainly for farming, which you don't want any tress to block the sunlight from the veges, so yeah that's the only thing which I'm not very comfortable. OH!! And also loads of insects and mosquitoes! I was stung by the mosquitoes for countless times. So, remember to bring an effective insects repellent! Or else, you may have to suffer from the itchiness. However, those insects aren't too bad, they just love flying around you. LOL

Yeap, I guess that's all for the words, let's start the photo part!

Dropped by at the small town at Titi to have lunch

Photoboom again!

A lot of colourful flowers can be found anywhere!

Halo Mr.Snail, how long you took to get yourself there? lol

selfie at the balcony. Tbh, the room is quite small, but is actually adequate for two persons. However, the room gets quite hot and stuffy during afternoon, especially super strong sun that time. 
The bathroom is the funny thing- tiny. You can actually sit on the toilet to take your bath. LOL

The greenery view from the balcony. :)

At the canteen.

Demonstrating to do a healthy steamed bread with sour dough! :) Frankly, the bread was delicious. :d 

Healthy and creative salad! It has seven herbs and raw papaya and a mangosteen pickle on the top!

Passion fruit enzyme juice! It was so refreshing, to sooth away the heat!

The lounge!

my fat shadow haha

My scrumptious and healthy dinner! All were fresh from the farm! That was so so satisfying! :d
It could be the most healthy organic meal I ever had in my life. 

The night was filled with insects, but no fear, they have the net to prevent the big insects from entering the room, but inevitably small tiny insects will still accompany you to sleep. haha

A misty morning!

The map of the entire farm.

Another accommodation

puffy eyes. haha

my morning salad! Hibiscus is edible and also very nutritious! 

YAY! Time for farm tour!

With the organic corns!

They may look like weeds, but no no, they can actually make for tea!

Rabbits!!! omg omg omg omg they are super adorable, tiny and fragile. LOL

Rabbits' neighbour, Mr.Ostrich.

They were quite afraid of human, I think because they barely come in contact with human... So, they looked so curious when we were entering their 'territory'.

Passion Fruit!

Flowers of Aloe Vera

Let's guess what is this..... 

It's sesame! hahahaha It was the first time of my life, seeing sesame plants.

The crowd was analyzing the sesame plants. lol 

baby Roselle 

dead snake was found somewhere... lol 

A lake for fishing!

lil sis

Mama banyak pattern. lol

heyyo pumpkin! :D

So after the farm tour, I had a good rest then took the last healthy and organic meal there. That's all about my trip to Titi Eco Farm! For more details, feel free to browse through their website!

Overall, the trip wasn't as bad as I thought. The environment was still okay, except the direct sunlight penetration. The food there tasted so home cook! I love it so much, moreover, they were all organic healthy and tasty as well! It is a good place to relax your mind and body, maybe you can even enjoy the farming? lol just kidding haha But, it was a joyful trip to there! :)

Okay, I shall go now! :D