Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's have a Bites@LakeField

Heyyo imaginees, I am back again! I just finished watching Sword Art Online Season 2 aka Gun Gale Online. Honestly, I love watching it so much, either season one or two, SAO is another best anime I'd ever watch after Inuyasha! Fairy Tail is getting worse in each episode. I am disappointed at the plot right now, as if they are trying to drag the story and getting boring, but still I will keep tracking on the story because I just can't stop in the half way. *sigh* Sad to see Fairy Tail becoming so boring, because the starting was so exciting and fascinating! Maybe the it's too long, like hundreds of episodes til now, I guess. lol 

Okay I shall start the real deal here! :) 

So, last Thursday me and bij had our lunch after our class. To be very frank, I'm quite frustrated by the time table, lol, because Wed and Thurs we only go for 2 hours of class. WHAT. Really wasting my time. *cry* So, Amanda suggested to have lunch at Sungei Besi since she was driving. hehehe 

Then, here we were Bites Cafe @ Lake Field (fb).

Bites Cafe @ Lake Field, Sungei Besi.

The interior design is comfortable and cute.

(left to right) Amanda, Nicole, me, Natalie!

Beef Carbonara - The best dish of all. 
The sauce was creamy and wasn't too cheesy, just nice! Everything was up to my expectation. yay!

The Swiss.
I found that potato rosti was quite interesting! 
First bite of the rosti, the scent of green spring onion was just nice and wouldn't overtake the potato itself. Scramble Egg and Beef bacon were still okay.

Egg Benedict with smoked salmon.
Well, it wasn't up to my expectation. I couldn't taste the smoked salmon somehow, and the poached egg was a meh.

Waffles with vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas and berries.
This was completely a MEH. The waffle wasn't soft yet crispy.? Was it supposed to be crisply hard? 
The only winner was the vanilla ice-cream, it somehow tasted a bit salty, but still good. I could see the vanilla seeds in the ice-cream, as you can see it's made of the real vanilla not extract. *happy*

Maybe I shall try the ice-cream itself! They have homemade ice-cream, like pandan kaya, Horlicks and so on. slurrrrrrrrrp! Hopefully there will be a next visit, for ice-creams. HAHAHA

I shall update about my early Christmas party on Christmas Eve yo! :) HEHEHE
Stay tuned people! 

That's all, HAPPY SUNDAY!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Before it ends

Heyyo imaginees! I had a great night with my lovely potatoes yesterday! Millions thanks to Eric's family for putting so much effort on this early Christmas party! I feel really bad and guilty when we didn't manage to finish all the scrumptious delicacy! 

It's been awhile since my last update! I am so sorry for not keeping my blog updated, my second semester just started and I got my first assignment and 'practice quiz' on the second day. How awesome was that right... lol Obviously, this shows that my second semester isn't gonna be as easy as it seems, despite only three subjects. Hopefully, Economics 102 will not kill me too badly. I am working hard on my assignment right now, I guess I am. hahaha Less than three weeks to finish that 20% assignment. D: I wanted to join the Korean Buddy Program, but it seems quite impossible as my second month of my semester probably gonna be occupied with assignment deadlines and assessments. And that program is quite time consuming, D: But I really want to join, somehow impossible.

A short update on 14th of December, Sunday! My relatives came to visit my uncle and so my family went to join them as well! Then, we brought them to visit KLCC! 

My little cute but naughty niece.

Went too visit Petronas Gallery and they happened to have an exhibition on the Street Art in KL!

That creepy smile. HAHAHA 

Trying to be casual but ended up pretty awkward HAHAHA #fail

Then, I chose to be like this instead. *wink*

End it with this epic photo of the year :)

 Hope you guys have a contented weekends! 

Gonna update my visit to Bites Cafe@LakeField with bij and early Christmas Party soon! yay!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A Date with Big Hero 6 and Girls.

Heyyo my imaginees! How are you guys? *Genkidesune? (Japanese)* Yesterday was a beautiful day, I had a date with my college friends, despite the sky looked quite gloomy. Initially, we were planning to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, but due to some last minute plan changed to Big Hero 6 from Disney. I wasn't interested to watch this movie at first, it didn't attract me although my lil sista did mention about it to me, but still I didn't feel any ohm to watch it until my friend suggested us. So, after I watched the trailer, it proved me wrong, so wrong, unforgivably wrong. 
I was genuinely attracted to BayMax, the white balloon thingy. He is freaking adorable! I melted every time I saw him on the screen. I somehow felt the entire cinema gone "AWWW this is so freakingly cute" when we saw him. He is indescribable! I can guarantee that Big Hero 6 is awesome and worth to watch, although the plot is easy-guess kind of thing, but still the characters are hilarious, especially Wasabi. I am not trying to be a spoiler here, but that "What's the plan" part literally made me laughing insanely in the cinema. However, there is some sentimental part as well. My friends gone bit tearing beside me.... I kind of LOL, because yeah, I do that most the time. Ya know what, annoying people do annoying thing together, I am not sure if we did that, because I think four of us made quite a lot of noises during the movie time. Some discussions over Tadashi Hadama ( handsome looking big bro of the main character) died in the early part of the movie, we all were kind of complained about it because we want to see him more often after that. Yeah, I hope we didn't really annoy people..... hehehehe 

Overall, the graphic is nice and real. Initially, I thought it was real buildings and cities, wtf. HAHAHA All the characters are well programmed and very lively. I kind of love Freddie, he is super care-free kind of guy, but very very freaking wealthy. That part when his friends find out he is come from a rich family, is hilarious! Oh, Go Go is so so so so COOOLLLL :D AHHHH, I love all the characters so much! They are like real person somehow. BayMax needless to say, he is freaking adorable, naive, sweet and fat. LOL Okay, I shall stop being a spoiler now, or else you guys might hate me. teeeheeee You guys shall watch it, it is worth more than the ticket price itself! 
The Voice Casting of Big Hero 6
The trailer

After movie what else we could do? TEA TIME, because the cinema hall was undoubtedly freezing cold. So, we opted to have some warm beverages and gossip - girl thing ya'know. Just couldn't help, you know girls... Oh and of course groupfie and selfie. 
Piccolo Latte! woots

Natalie and Nicole

candid shot by Nicole. Me and Amanda

LOL Thanks to Nicole. I look derp (Nicole's fav adjective) here

trying to selfie but spoiled by Nicole again.

Then, window shopping.. I was thinking to get the sunglasses but then.... Nah. 
I shall not spend too much of my hard-save money.

Then, that's all! :) 

Well-spent with my girls! We talked and chatted a lot. LOL I feel so lucky to have them! wheeeeeee

I hope you guys, imaginees have a great and nice day! All the best. xoxo

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Real or Unreal?

Confusion's  flowing rampantly after the rain
Blurring the vision and the mind

Wondering the past that had been through
Is it real, yet it seems so unreal

The more questioning it goes
The more disguising to be

Ended up conquered by the dark
And falling deep with tears in eyes

Struggling to free yet was tied up strict
Waking up in fear, and wild doubts overran

Cries was never heard since then

So now, is it a dream or is it real?

Monday, November 24, 2014


Heyyo I am here again! FINALLY, Economics is done! No more 16 chapters, YAY, what a great relief! My hands were trembling and getting butterflies in my stomach when I saw the paper before my eyes! Overall, to be very honest, the questions were easier than I expected but doesn't mean I will score high marks, because they were quite tricky, so due to my very surface preparation, I have no guarantee to score damn good god level marks. HAHA wtf am I talking. 

Anyway, after my first paper, I went to the town to have my lunch with my mom, aunt and lil sista at the Nam Heong Hai Nan Chicken Rice! It is well-known there, so yeah, my aunt has been craving for it very long ago, so she eventually fulfilled her crave. What a superb satisfied lunch! Then, my mom suggested to have a cup of coffee just next to restaurant, on the second floor. - Coffee Amo

I was completely amused by all the antiques and the vintage feel of the second floor, because they share the lot with another antique collector, so the entire ambiance upon entering the cafe was so fresh and new. I love it so much! 

Well, I didn't manage to take the whole picture of the cafe, but I instantly fell in love with the tranquility of the cafe. I can actually spend my whole day there! Not too crowded and noisy, just nice to spend time alone there! I somehow felt so comfy there. HAHA The interior decoration is simple and creative! Ahh, I should have took photo of it! However, the beverages they served weren't as good as I expected, but still the environment won my heart. I will definitely go there for the second time! It is just too lovely! I am uncertain about the crowd during peak hour, because when I reached there it was around 2pm, so I guess that the time where the place is just nice! Perhaps, peak hour will be a little too noisy? And I love how the sunlight penetrate into the cafe, it right away brighten up the cafe and make it so joyful! *smirk*

When I sat there, and looked outside from the windows, I could see the skyscrapers. As if a lot of stories were going on out there, pictures were intruding my mind, busy people were running errands and fighting for lives, try to survive from the economy nowadays......
But, inside the cafe was joyfully calm and chill, undisturbed. Seriously, best time to spend time alone there! 

A calm and peaceful corner in the bustling town.

What an awesome hideout! 
love it. xoxo.

I shall start my revision! One paper down, three more to go! *fighting people* 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Heyyo humans! I know, at this very crucial moment I shouldn't be here, but I've been studying for few hours, and I think I shall grant myself some time to rest my pitiful brain. To be very frank, I don't think I could absorb 100% of what I've revised for the past few hours. LOL Not genuinely zero, anyways, maybe could be effective for MCQ, but definitely, not short-answer question and essays, but I somehow have no motivation at all, and not a single feeling about exam, which is tomorrow. And I still have the feeling to procrastinate. I don't think I am over confident or what, merely because I really hate Econ 101, 16 chapters to revise, and I had done almost 80% of it. I did not go through very detail, just simply flipped through and revises all the tutorial questions to refresh my memory. HAHA Yeah, I shall admit, I am really lazy to read every single word from the text which mostly cover 70% of bullshit. Okay Okay, I shall stop whining again! 

I wish I could have a slice of crepe and a cup of hot chocolate right now. I need them so much!
I feel so inaction right now, as if I had give up my goals of life. *cry* I somehow lost my passion for study. grief, this isn't the first time it happens, obviously. 

Maybe I shall watch Spirited Away to boost up my inner spirit! 

But definitely, not tonight! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sad life*

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life is a Mysterious Gift.

Heyyo guys I'm back after two weeks! Actually, I should be doing my revision for my finals right now, but to be genuinely honest, I have no feelings yet. I guess something is going really wrong inside of me now. Well, I do feel something, a bundle of nerves, yet my mind isn't controlling my body to do the action! Less than 10 days from my finals, and I still have very vague understanding of Economics and yet to do the 'research' for my literature. I think Accounts and Maths shall be okay, because they are the last two subjects, so I'll have plenty of time to deal with them. But Economics... Despite my sister keeps saying it's easy and mostly common sense, but still I have a very surface of comprehension about it. Moreover, it's more than 10 chapters. fml OKAY, I shall stop whning about my procrastination. And look forward to my semester break instead. *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

hmmmph, I don't know why I am here hahahahaha, I just have the feeling to write something and babbling about my unknowing life. Yeap, ignorance. I know so little about my life. I've only known about it for more or less 17 years and I have no idea how long I can live. What will the future bring me? Will my dream come true? Can my dream come true if I keep the same pace as now? Life has too many unknowns, too many unsolved questions, yet somehow we still move on. Mostly because moving on is the only choice that left to us. Or perhaps, the curiosity that planted deep inside us which motivate us to move on and see what can our future be. 

Life is a mystery as we have limited knowledge about our future, or even what will happen in the next minute. Maybe while I am typing all these whines, there are thousands and millions of stories happening on the other side of the earth which I can never acknowledge. The world is too big for me to understand and explore. I can't never understand or know everyone who is living their pathetic life here and it would probably take me countless years to accomplish that. 

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist" 
- Oscar Wilde.

My favourite quote of all, as it reminds me to live my life, not just simply exist. I guess in the past, I simply exist most of the time and I lost my own, personal goal of life. Then, I saw this and awaken me to live my kind of life. I don't want just exist, I want to live. I want my life filled with a riot of colours and experience all kind of lifestyles. Life would be wasted if you only stick to one kind of lifestyle. We shall undergo different lives despite good or bad, and experience and learn from them. That's my kind of life that I want to live the most. Life isn't supposed to be too good, we shall encounter some slightly unfortunate to level up ourselves and be a little bit more knowledgeable about life. After all, we will eventually turn into ashes right..... So why not play a little bit unsafe to expose ourselves to a wider space and enrich our feelings? 

No pain, no gain, you have to sacrifice in order to gain more. As I always say, life is a equilibrium trade. You may not gain what you deserve, but you gain something which you yet to acknowledge and could be helpful during crucial moment. All we need to do is to let go. 

And another arduous task in the world is letting go. *playing 'Let It Go" from Frozen in the background*