Sunday, October 09, 2016

Life lessons are harsh.

Photo taken at Halong Bay,
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Hello everyone, hope you are doing well in life. Today is not going to be any interesting post, I'm very sorry if you are looking forward to it. It's just another random post that I just wanna sit down and have some personal time with myself and my blogging life. And of course you, if you are really reading this. haha 

Recalling to my old-self like 10 years ago, a lot of changes did happened. Puberty does did something to me. hahaha And of course not only puberty, the world itself changed me loads. And those changes had become part of my growth. Sometimes, I just want to be myself, the old-self where I can REALLY be genuine. However, the world tends to refuse that determination and forces me to change. And I had to, even though I do not want to change because I like how I used to be. Ironically, it couldn't happen, because the influences under myself are way too strong that in order to survive in this world, I have to change myself and adapt to whatever that comes to me. 

Friday, September 02, 2016

Fragments of life - whatever it is.

Fav shot, taken at Batu Ferringhi@Penang.
Hello everyone, I am back after one month, because last month is the most hectic summer semester month. *faint* While people are having fun during their summer break, but me had to do some extra subjects to get sufficient credit. fml yo. The last semester was kind of crazy and boring at the same time. lol The lecture part is always boring, yet I did find some joy doing the presentation with my coursemates and that's the only glimpse I could find throughout the semester. Anyway, I am reaching the end of my year one, how time flies and it's damn scary. 

Realizing I am no longer a teenager makes me cringe. Realizing I am closer to the society makes me cringe. Realizing I have to face more masks in the future makes me cringe. Realizing I have little true friends as time passes makes me cringe. The unknowns and facts are relatively insane. By having more knowledge of those, is creating fear that stops me from moving forward, and rather stay in comfort zone. Yes, I am that kind of people, sometimes. lol whatever x

Thursday, July 28, 2016


静静的 回想起昨天 那可耻的笑声 依旧回响在我脑海里

不解为何 也不需要明白 

就算 它只是一个梦 我也不介意 

他们不理解我的梦 无所谓 更不需要 

梦想 就是如此的不真实 尽管我不断地告诉自己 

嘲讽 只不过是个无聊的游戏 

梦想 也只是一个美丽的谎言 

我向往的世界 不需要他们的存在 更不需要他们的祝福