Thursday, March 05, 2015

The CNY spirit! whoooooooosh~

Finally, my assignment period has over! WHooosh! It had been a hectic college life, especially the song parody assignment. Despite needing to change the lyrics, recording and filming, editing and paperwork had killed me really slowly. Although it was somewhat fun, but still it had killed me countless time and gave me lots of stress due to the deadline and the CNY spirits! lol I eventually have time to blog about my recent life! 

Before I go into my CNY spirit, I would like to start off with my birthday which was long ago, haha! Well, this year was quite simple yet surprising, just a simple but joyful homecook dinner with my family. Then, my colly-beatch gave me a huge surprise by embarrassing me in college HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, I never thought of that surprise anyway, especially that card! Thank you so much for your gals' effort for making it happened so 'sweetly'. Then, a simple lunch with my beatch 'ja-ku-line', Easther and Kailin. Next, my potatoes and I had a simple gathering at Sushi Zamai before CNY, and on that day I had my first lou-sang in 2015! wheeee~ Okay, that was long-winded, but YAY! Million thanks to those who made it so unforgettable! As what my sista told me on that day, I am late tens now. lol How time flies, and my life is going on so well uh.

Potatoes ;)

Now finally, my CNY! This year, my CNY felt so short!! Perhaps, the holiday given wasn't enough for me, well, I am no longer a school student, so yeah, no school holiday for me. *sad* This CNY is way too different than my old ones. It was seriously, too short! I wasn't even prepare for my schooling, especially first day of college reopen, I'd a test. -__- What a nice start off after the beginning of CNY.
Then, let's move on to my reunion lunch with my beloved family! We had it at Contango, Majestic Hotel, as we had my mother's day celebration there last year! The feedback was so good, so we opted to try it out again this year! yay!

18th February 2015, Wednesday @ Contango, Majestic Hotel.

WARNING: no food photos, but prettah humans! :)

Groufie in da car, of course!

Crazy groufie with sistas! xoxo

Trying to feel the flow of the swimming pool.

Eager for a swim, but nono, regardless you did bring your towel and swimsuit girl. hahahaha
*both are looking undeniably cute in their cheongsams!*

Usual spot to take photo, because of the beautiful orchids and the lighting! haha

Awww, so sweet!

#epicfail of trying to imitate *ehem* a model. That face is horrible. lol

nah, go for a selfie is way better! lol

What do you think? hmmph?

Familfie! *lmao*

After that, we went to Pavilion to see the big deer, oppps, Goat. I somehow kept saying it's a deer. I wonder how, I wonder why. hmmph

My mom is way too adorable! haha

I couldn't help but must upload this photo, because of its epicness, as usual from my lil sis.

It's a toothpaste adv. *yellowish, fine, blinky white* hahahahaha  

Okay guys, that's a short update for my CNY! whooooosh! Hopefully I can update more on tomorrow. This month is going to be a stressful one, as there is too many tests going on! My ABRSM theory and my sem finals are around the corner! I shall not fail my teacher and lecturers anymore! Nor I want to deepen my guilt for being incapable. lol I shall rest more, feeling not very well these days, headache is giving me lots of hard times again.

take care, loveya


Friday, February 13, 2015

I get stars in my eyes.

Today I woke up in a warm yet sunny day. It was a quiet morning at 11.30am as I was alone in the house. lol My family went for working, schooling and shopping *my mom*, except me. Why? Because out of the five weekdays, Friday is my only day off for my schooling, which always bring me a lot of joy. Yay! I love spending quality time alone and the quietness and peaceful ambience. That's why alone isn't a bad thing to me, *sometimes*

The tranquility is the best medicine for stressed out people. Well, maybe it can't help to solve your worries, but at least you're free from them for awhile. Sometimes, taking a short break isn't a bad thing, because stressing out yourself isn't gonna help you in any way. Your brain needs some space and time to take a breath as well. You will never know what you will get when you are on a break! Of course, I know, most people will tend to lose themselves when they are taking their breaks, however, please do remember to get your feet back to your duties after getting enough of rest! Don't get too carried away by your 'tranquility'. 

Most of the time, what we need the most isn't solutions, but somehow a private quality time and space. Oh, and get your hands off from your phone. LOL It will greatly become your distraction. Spending time with yourself will actually help you to understand yourself more as you can only focus on yourself. Moreover, it helps to calm yourself and perhaps, you may get yourself back after such a long exhausting journey you've been through. After getting yourself charged with positive energy, please do move on and fight for yourself and your goals. 

My ultimate goal in my life is move away from this busy and perilous city. I just wanna live my life peacefully and spend my time with nature. I love discovering the nature, because to me, nature is a huge mystery. Living in jungle is an alternative to me. *don't judge me* I don't mind living under some primitive conditions or rural area, because in my point of view, sometimes overly developed isn't a too-good thing. Perhaps, I might find out some eco-friendly yet advanced ways to live my kind of life. Anyway, I don't think by deforesting those reserve forests for an eco-city development is gonna make you eco-friendly in any way. I am not trying to argue anything, but to me, I don't think by doing so will contribute anything to mother earth and nature.

It's on a slippery slope


Friday, February 06, 2015

We grow up, we deal with more problems.

We ain't have the rights to stop our growth. It's a natural process of life, the only thing we can do is live our lives to the fullest. However, when time goes by and you started to grow older and older aka the "aging process", you will gradually realize that the older we get, the more problems we deal with. As a conclusion, number of problems is directly proportional to human growth. LOL

When we were a kiddo, we need not to worry about the living expenses, financial problems, homework, assignments, academic results, competition for job opportunity, how the outside see us, how we look, love issues, friendship issues, schemes, our future and a lot more. All we did were eat, play, sleep, have tons of fun and stay out of troubles, if we tried. I know I've said this countless times, but still, this is a fact that we can never change. Don't tell me you never thought of this when you were a kiddo. When we were kids, we wanted to be adults, because we were told that "when you grow older, you can only do this and that and so on". This which brings us to a high hope upon growing up as rapid as possible. Sounded a lot of fun when we were kids, but when this scenario really comes true, it's not anymore. 

I am approaching my 19th year of living on this planet soon, and 13 ago I had the urge to grow up, because it seemed so cool to be an adult. I feel so not contented to be a kid, I want to be more. I want to be a scientist and a genius (I was kinda weak in academic when I was young). I loved Science so much, yes loved passionately. I do love now, but not as passionate as 13 years ago. The passion has gone down so much by time and those challenging terms and essays. Yes, that's what we called childhood. Non-practical and naive. lol

A pure and dreamy childhood is what a childhood should be. We played outdoors activities, we walked around our housing area to play and discover more (practical educational system). Unlike now, they are engaged to gadgets as if  it has turned into one part of their body. wth When I see those kiddos are so attached to gadgets, I feel like snatching the thing and throw it hard onto the floor and ask him to get a real childhood. But, nah, it only plays in my mind hundreds time, lol, because it's not my duty to do so and I am not their's parents. It's their parents' duty to educate their children and teach them the right way to live a life, duh. Not sticking to their gadgets all day long and spoiling their children with luxurious treatments. It will only bring more problems to their future, because of their spoiled attitude and too demanding. It will probably ruin their lives, so please think twice before 'spoiling' your children with over luxurious stuff. If there is once, then there will always be the next and so on, then never ending.
I don't hate growing up, just the fact that we have to face more than we used to is kind of irritating and sad, oh, and tiring, exhausting. Perhaps, nobody likes to deal with problems especially it involves a lot of people, troublesome, slow in action, and so on. They will never compromise nor will they acknowledge their mistakes, nor they will change for their own sake of good name. It is really frustrating to confront all these, but we ought to, isn't it.

Next, is how we look and how the outside see us. When we grow up, most of us tend to focus on our appearances. You may not need to chase after branded stuff, but you will care more for your appearance than you used to. Then, some funny thoughts will come across your mind. Do I look good? Will it be too fancy? Maybe they think it is too fancy? Yeap, the word 'they' will automatically pop into your mind. We start to think about the others. We are bounded by those kind of thinking, too much doubts. I would not say it is materialistic, because it need not reach materialistic for this problem. This is life and it is tied with problems.

Life itself is not problematic, but we, the human being create problems for ourselves, unintentionally. 

Another task in life is, dealing with problems.

Recent addiction, kind of depressing (for me), somehow I like it


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Is it my kind of month?

Hello guys, it's exactly one week to my birthday hehe. Well, I actually don't feel anything about it, for now, because I have test on that particular day. *cry* I somehow hoping that day comes slowly and taking its own sweet time, because I am too lazy to study for the test. Moreover, I had screwed up the previous one, due to my freaking unforgivable carelessness. Seriously, right now I have to work really hard in order to score an A for Economics 102. I shall bang my head seriously. ARGHHHHHH I shall not ruin my mood anymore. 

These few days I couldn't sleep well due to my flu as I've been having difficulty to breath during my sleeping time. I had really hard time to sleep!!! When I couldn't sleep, my mind tend to think a lot and load too much things, then making myself harder to sleep. wtf As if flu has been my monthly friend, it strikes me once a month! I seriously cannot understand, is it my immune system has weaken or what? I don't want to get flu or any sickness once in a month!! I don't want to wrap 'wantons' once in a month and sacrifice my beauty sleep! Then, it worsen my dark circles and eye bags. WTH Please, only a sickness but brings countless side effects! I wanna cry so hard. Additionally, because of this freaking sickness, I missed out the most important fun with my friends and my first picnic opportunity! Even though I cry so much, it will not bring any changes isn't it? However, it leaves me abundant of regret deep in my heart. *hurt much*

To be very honest, I thought today is Monday! I did something quite silly before I slept yesterday night. I checked my phone alarm to make sure it was set at the right time. It stated there "Wednesday 9.00am". Then, I thought "wth, tomorrow is Monday weyh." So, I set my Monday alarm again. "Okay done!" I checked again on my phone screen. "WTH, why it shows Wednesday again?! I had set the alarm correctly mah!" I doubled check the alarm setting...... Then, I eventually realized, "oh tomorrow is Wednesday." fml so much. *cry* What a shameful thing I did. Hmmph, it was probably because of the flu. Yes, flu!!! FLUUUUUUUUUU. :\ DAMN YOU FLUUUUUUUUUUU! 

So guys, please take a good care of your health, or else you might regret. Health is wealth! lol Especially, during this season which is so hot and humid! Drink more water, less oily food!! Even though I know it's CNY season, there will be a lot of scrumptious delicacy on the table! But please, remember nothing is far more important than health! Once you lose your health, you might lose the most important lifetime of yours. 

Okay, that's all for now! 

Take care and loveya'll! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Contented Weekends with much loves.

Heyyo my imaginees! I am back after one and half weeks! I was busy with my assignments and also presentation, but fortunately everything went swimmingly and good news is I'm selected to present my analysis on the painting with my friend to the other students! It is an honour to be chosen and I shall cherish this opportunity to enhance my presentation skill. hehe 

Let's straight to the point here. Last Saturday (24 Jan, 2015) mama Leong and I went to Bangsar Village for lunch as we were nearby there as mama needed to get something. Since, we had plenty of time before my piano lesson, so we went for lunch at Nutmeg. 

Hotcake with Topping Set A 
(vanilla ice-cream and chocolate hazelnut praline ganache)
To be very honest, the portion was very small and only three baby-palm-size of hotcakes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and sprinkled with almond flakes costs RM16. 
Seriously.... not worth. It would be great if the hotcakes were much bigger. really.

Nutmeg Big Breakfast
This was much better than the hotcakes. Despite the lamb sausage was spicy, overall was a satisfying dish! I love the watery omelette, and the confit mushrooms were nice as well. RM28

Then, last Sunday (25 Jan 2015) was an exhausting day, walked few miles I guess and went to somewhere I never went before with new friends! Batu Caves is a tourist spot and famous for its religious cave and the statue. It was a great trip to there, especially when we can make new friends. haha

Waiting for train to Batu Caves.

That guy photoboom whyyyyyy

with the gang.

At the restaurant at Batu Caves for brunch!

Enormous statue omg

(left to right) Hyeon June, Jacklyn, me and Amanda

On our way to the huge cave! 
*guys on the left never see awesome people taking groufies is it?* 

all of us looked holy there, because of the lighting! lol

passing by I could smell the fragrance of the jasmine! Quite soothing actually lol

Natural light from the hole in the cave

Nike buddies!

After that, we went to NU Sentral to walk around and because me, Jacklyn and Amanda had not have lunch, so we decided to have lunch there as well.

Then, we went to TheBallroom for some fun! It has been a long time since I played bowling. lol It was fun and joyful to play with them and see how they show their talent. HAHA Huil's style was working so well! LOL But it depends on luck too, anyway still joyous to see him plays. hahaha

Actually we were trying to take groufie with the 'girl thing' behind, but then turned out lost the focus on her. oppssy!

(left to right) Huil, me, Amanda and Jin aka Cow. HAHA 

It was a pleasant and fun day to spend with them! Thank you Esther, KaiLin and Jacklyn for inviting me and Amanda to join them! I wanted to join the Korean Buddy Program, but I was too worried about my assignment load. But now, I regret so much so much! I should have just joined without having any hesitations and doubts!!!! 

And now, I learn a valuable lesson. Just do it, or else you might regret one day.


that's all!