Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recent life.

Kon'nichiwa mina! It's been a week since my last update! Hehe, I was quite busy these days, think so. Haha, moreover, I have no idea what to blog. lol Somtimes, I have loads of thought inside my head, but I just can't express them....? Well, I'm gonna give a little short update about my recent life lah! teehee 

Candid shot by my lil sis. *At Dome@TheGardens, 7 April 2014 *

*what takes so longggg!*
That moment, when I was waiting impatiently for my lunch to come...

Then, I met up with my elder sis as she's working at the Ecoparadise at The Gardens. Of course, I did the Japan tech hot spa there after this! lol But before that, we had a lil coffee moment (my treat) at the 8oz Coffee located at the The Gardens-Midvalley bridge.

My Hot Chocolate! Quite complicated art, but still nice!

Elder sis, Hot Mocha. *Love Me!*

And I ordered a Hazelnut crêpe! Finally, fulfilled my taste bud! wahaha

Helped out my sis at her company branch at Jaya One. Super light dinner! 
*At Starbucks@JayaOne, 12 April 2014*

random teehee!
*In the car, 14 April 2014*

have some fun with the photo editor. lol

p/s: Most probably, gotta start my part time job on the coming Monday! \m/ wish me luck! 

Have a nice day! Remember to cherish everyone you love before it's too late!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Be a guardian.

Halo human! Actually, I have no idea what to blog, haha, again. Recently, I have the urge to adopt a pet. However, when I reconsidered it for several times, honestly I'm not quite suitable to have a pet during this stage. lol, which my house isn't that spacious to fit one. :( I'm so sad, but I will not give up to adopt one! Initially, I was thinking to adopt a dog, then bunny, lastly a guinea pig! But the final decision is a No. Too bad. After following @bunnymama on instagram, I've started to support "Adopt, dont buy", because there is a dark truth behind all the pet shops. For the sake of the pet, I give up to adopt one now. :( In future, I will definitely adopt pets instead of buying ones! teehee 

Moreover, before getting a pet, please consider your current conditions or future plans, because owning a pet is a eternal responsibility. If you are thinking to get one, but your situation isn't allow to, please do not get one. Otherwise, you will get both of you into troubles and sufferings. 

Whenever I see some strays by the road, I feel so sad and helpless. To my dismay, I think strays and probably more than homeless people right...? Fyi, animals are considered lower class of living things from the perspective of human lah. So, they are 'easier' to be abandoned than human, because to somebody they are merely animals. However, animals aren't only animals, they are lives, part of earth, part of this planet! How can you abandoned them after giving them hopes?! Strays are mostly cause of those irresponsible owners! If you can no longer take good care of them, then find them a better owner, instead of abandon them by the road or even in the jungle. Who do you think you are to give up somebody's lives just like that?!

Be a guardian. - to every 'owner'.

Animals deserve love, respect and protection as well. They have feelings too, so they should be treated as a living things! Additionally, they aren't your punching bags too, they do not deserve to be abused! Plus, they aren't mere for fun and not toys for kids. Adult have the obligation to teach the kids about the pet but not just give them to their kids as toys to play. Think twice before getting a pet, or else it might turn out undesirably.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

First of April 2014.

Halo human! Hehe, went to gym this morning with my mama for the first time. Erm, everything was quite okay, I attended its yoga class and Zumba class. I was quite satisfied with the yoga class, but the zumba class I was like an idiot. lol Seriously, I don't know the steps and just followed like a stupid. Moreover, I think I have some problem with the dancing tempo, so I think I better not dance after all. haha Or else, that will be so embarrassing.

I am home for two weeks, and most of my friends have started their college early of the year , except me. I have not even enrol any college yet. *cry* Besides, I haven't learn my driving also, damn... (what am I doing!) *scratch head* Sometimes, I doubt my decision of choosing the business courses. It's because, I am not a economics student but a science student, so I'm quite worried, what if I can't bear with all the new syllabus. :( However, I have no choice, because I really have no interest in any science courses. After I chose science stream, I started to realize I love science, but not that kind of 'deep' science. LOL So, I'd rather take the risk of choosing business courses. Actually, I am still deciding which specific business courses, but at least I know where I wanna go after my foundation. teehee 

Today, I went to fetch my niece at her kindergarten and I saw bunch of lil kids. Then, I remembered the younger me, same age as them. I hate to grow up seriously, now I mean. When we were kids, we hope to grow up as an adult as fast as we could. But now, as a teenager, I would rather go back to my childhood and enjoy every piece of simplicity, honesty, naiveness, active and playful attitude. Kids are so honest and naive, but now we as a grown up human, we can no longer behave like a kid, because we've grown up! However, to confront this world, I'd rather become a kid, somehow it just can't happen. Why? Simple, people will definitely laugh at you, because you're being childish, and have no standard level of maturity. However, did you guys ever wonder about why a grown up can't be childish sometimes? Just because you're a grown up, so you can never enjoy a lil moment of naiveness, where you can never find it nowadays. (Holy crap, I'm talking nonsense!) I am not encouraging people to be childish, just sometimes you have to let your hair down, by putting down your grown-up-self and become a kid again. It is fun to be a kid, because they have no worries, no burden, know nothing about this world and filled with curiosity. Isn't it good to have this kind of life, nowadays?

Ironically, you can hardly find this kind of days in your grown up life, isn't it? However, never behave like a kid in your grown up life when you're dealing with "creatures" on earth, because what you're confronting now isn't kids, but bunch of masked humans or monsters, no one knows. You can barely let your guard down, as you'll never know who will stab you at the back out of sudden, even without knowing reasons. This world, isn't the world we used to know, when we've grown up, everything changes, and we are exposing ourselves to this world, knowing more about this unpredictable world. Revealing all the dark secrets about this world, I'm not claiming the world is evil, but be careful, it's unpredictable. 


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Halo earthlings! Well, my mama is a coffee kaki, so she always discover some new and creative cafe whenever she goes. lol So, when my mama found out the top 20 must-go cafe in KL, she desperately look for their locations. haha Yesterday, after our 'work' for my eldest sista, my lil sista suggested us to go for a lil lunch at one of the top 20 cafes.

That.Latte.Place. For more detail, please kindly visit their facebook page. 

It is located inside the Yayasan Seni.

Here we are! It doesn't provide any air-conditional but fans, so do not complain if you find it too hot okay, be sporting! teehee

Egg Ben? If I'm not mistaken. 
The pouched eggs were so delicious and well-seasoned!

Beef Burger!
Love it, the beef patty was so juicy and seasoned well with diff kind of herbs!

Sticky Omelette!
Inside the omelette was cheese and mushroom! nom nom~ The side dish was seasoned well too, especially the potatoes! slurrrp!

Cappuccino for mama. 

Latte for lil sis!

After lunch of course wandered around... And we found this batik shop!

They sell various batik products! The products are so beautiful and high quality. Then, I found this....... *below*

This cute lil elephant! I was completely melted when I saw it, I thought of getting one home, but the price... I can't afford. lol (RM70 each) *faint*

Beside the cafe, DIY batik!


idk why, I can't stop laughing whenever looking at this. Those stupid eyes, like *laughs*

Overall, I was quite satisfied with their menu and the prices are reasonable. However, if I'm not mistaken they are moving to Subang soon. So, do not hesitate to try out their menu! ;)

That's all! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2.5 months away from home.

Halo guys, in case you don't know where I'd been during that 2.5 months, well let me tell you. I was chosen to attend national service and fortunately I was directed to the first batch. :) whee~ Yea, that's where I'd been during that 2.5 months. :P

Firstly, I will introduce you guys my crazy friends. lol, Seriously, they have mental disorder problem. *photos aren't in the correct order, hope you don't mind.* 

Acting doctor and patient. lol

cup noodles night! 

chilling in dorm.

In our full loreng (pardon those laundary lol)

We are seriously, abnormal.

with Mickey!

Elleny aka Coconut Birthday! :D


Sleep like a boss eh

My Birthday! wheeee~

Thank you guys for everything! ;)

cool right! Alpha Company Tee! :)

During Alpha last duty!

Roti Canai night! wheeeee

Please don't ever dirty the bus. :P 

The night when everyone got their phone, crowded in front of the koperasi, because it's where most plugs located. lol

Boys kawad team! COOL MAX!

Papa and Mama so cuteee! hehehe

Love them to bits! 

Crazy human

Alpha Company group photo with Alpha teachers! 

With the daughter of koperasi uncle. Extremely adorable! 

War Cry performance from Alpha Company for the last time.

With Amanda! 

With yie-yin and Miera!

Bulqis, my kawad neighbour! lol

with Syima, cutest girl. lol

Opie, doctor to be oh! :D

Kak Nuriey, lovely sista!

Kimchi, the one who kept calling me Lipas. omg But she is cute too!

Azreen!!!!!! love her too!

Tata, my bed mate!

Baby, her voice is remarkably baby. lol

Love this pic, eventho isn't not a perfect love shape, but I still loveya papa Bulat! *muacks*

Lovely oh! :P

with Cikgu Doreamon! Can never forget every moment he kawad (marching), extraordinarily adorable! LOL


Fish aka 鱼仔

Syaz, aka Sasa.

Cute girls.

wheeee~ comel~


Milo, adorable eh!

Xiao Wen and Papa Bulat

Pravin, "what the hell face"



Finally, a proper face eh.



Sharmila and Nitya, love them!

See Yin

Siew Ying

Don, the cutest guy! haha (the day we left our camp)

With the trophies! :P

Great work done by the previous batch! :)

Excuse my super random outfit. lol

Birthday tree! :D

The day we left our camp

That morning was flooded with tears and hugging.

Before we left the gate....

Pic on the way home xoxo

In the bus with Amanda! :P

Bye, Kem Sentosa Chenderiang, Tapah!
I'm the trainee of Kumpulan 1 Siri 11/2014!

Mission Accomplished, Sir!

In these 2.5 months to be precise, I learnt a lot of things and experienced different kind of situations. Of course, I was confronted with different kind of people with extraordinary personalities and so on. I'm so fortunate to know my crazy friends, because without them, my life in there would be so difficult and suffering. Besides, I eventually get to know different races of friends! Yay! That's the most lovely thing I've ever did in there. All of them are so lovely and friendly. :) I will always remember them, because without them, my memory will not be so perfect. We were as if family in the camp, needless to say, we love each other so much! Moreover, I got to experience things which I can hardly done in my usual life. Those were quite exciting and thrilling, but to my dismay, I didn't get to sleep in the forest due to some weather problem. Perhaps, that's the only regret I have throughout this programme. I was waiting for that day to come, to overnight in the forest, yet they let me down, so sad and disappointed. However, I got to undergo tiny bits of army life lah, just a bit. 

To all those future trainees, please do not refuse to come for the programme, because you will probably find it so interesting. Do not afraid or worry about anything, because once you in there, everyone is the same. You may be crying when entering your camp, but you will do the same as you leave the gate of the camp, yet with different reason- reluctance to leave friends and teachers. It will never be a wrong decision to attend this programme, because it will become part of your life memory, for eternity. So just enjoy every moment during the programme! Do not leave any regrets, just simply enjoy it! ;) I hope you guys can have as much fun as I did, teehee. 

That's all for today! *yesh, I made it in one post hehe*