Monday, October 20, 2014


Just a short update about my brunch today with my sistas and mom at Ikon@Connaught. Finally, I went to Ikon the good looking building located at Connaught, because I always wanted to go there since it started its business operation. Although there is still not much shop doing business, but still That.Latte.Place really caught my attention, as I've been to its shop located at Artisan Centre & Gallery, which I posted it before. Actually, there is still few more alternative cafes, maybe I shall try out next time. hehehe 

That.Latte.Place, IKON@Connaught.

Venue: G-floor, next to Maxis.

puffy eyes. LOL

just-woke-up look of all of us. hahahaha

Hearty Breakfast @RM18
It looks tasty right... with a variety of side dishes (baked potatoes, saute mushrooms, salad, hashbrown, sausages, mushroom soup sauce, toast and egg). All of 'em tasted so good!!

Carbonara @RM13
My carbonara is not too creamy and just nice! The portion is just nice for my brunch. :d
It is obviously so much so much so much delicious than Delicious! I will never dine at Delicious anymore, seriously.  Delicious food is really sucks tbh. :x

House Egg Ben @RM18
The poached eggs were bit overcooked, but still awesome. :d

Sticky Omelette @RM15
Erm, the omelette was also bit overcooked, not as watery and creamy as usual, yet still tasty! And I love the baked potatoes, it tasted so nice!

Iced Apple Caramel Latte @RM11
Er, I don't know how to describe the caramel tasted like... It was a bit too sweet, but the apple caramel tastes like a dessert to me, yet I can't figure out what dessert. HAHAHA

What a satisfying lunch at That.Latte.Place! wheeeeeeeeeeee~ Happiness is just as simple as that- a meal! :P

Okay, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy and stop drolling. hahaha *just joking*

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Rainy Evening.

Tomorrow is unspoken, yesterday is history, so why don't you be here with me.
- The Moment by Katy Perry.

I am always looking forward to Friday, because it the only weekday which I need not to go to college! YAY! And it is always the only day which I can cook lunch for myself and try out different kind of cooking skill. hahahaha sounds like a pro eh Anyway, this gonna be another random post about my recent life. :)

Don't remember which Saturday, but we had our tea time at Delectable@TheGardens. To be honest, I don't really like their coffee, but their desserts are attractive and delicious. I would recommend it to all sweet tooth people!

And ya'know what!? I won a beautiful floral cake from Delectable by Su! 

Her name is Amelia (Yellow butter cake, lemon curd filling, Vanilla buttercream) 
named after Amelia Earhart!

Surprisingly, the butter cream wasn't too sweet as I thought it would be dead sweet since the cream is so thick! 
And somehow, I love the texture of the butter cake. *slurrrrrrrrrrrp!*
They have three different flavour and deco floral cakes with beautiful names. :)

Still have two more weeks to the end of October! So, hurry up and join this contest! :D Check out more at Delectablebysu on facebook and instagram!

Visited my relatives houses on two continuous days, 
as my beloved aunties from Bentong came to visit all of us! wheeee~

Bonding time with cousins!

Second day at uncle's house!

Overly self-obsessed. HAHAHA

Snapchat from my friend, Amanda. hahaha Snapchat has become our weapon to stalk people. 
Especially, to stalk Ms. Nicole when she's sleeping during lessons. hahahaha

Actually this post is super random, a lot of selfies and some cakes... Obviously, I just wanna keep my blog alive. Inspiration and enthusiasm for blogging is draining out... I shall find a way to regain them!!! 
Ahhhhhhh, my first semester is heading to its end, soon I'll be having my final exams, one month to go. And a lot of test and assessments going on before the final. I hope I can survive through all these. Well, I have to. HAHA 

That's all! Goodluck and all the best to all of you! :)

Monday, October 06, 2014

First Time of My Life, the light lit on me.

Hey guys, finally I've got the time to blog about my piano competition which held on two months ago. HAHA Sorry to keep my imaginary readers waiting for so long! Well, I didn't manage to win the competition, I tried my best, I guess. I made a lot of mistakes, so I don't think I deserve any prizes. lol It was my first time, indeed I was bundle of nerves when I was on the stage. 

The light was lit on me, only me. I remember my hands were shivering, and my fingers were stiffed. LOL Somehow, they managed to play the song, but the first part was the most mistakes happened. HEHE Anyway, I learnt a lot from this competition. :) I gained experience and I briefly know how it feels to be part of this kind of competition. I did not regret for the decision I'd made. 

Most importantly, I know why I lost. :P I need more skill, more expression, more practice, yet it isn't my goal when I started playing piano. Anyway, I will strive for the best results for my next year examination! *fighting!!*

I Love Music Competition, 22 August 2014, Saturday.

Venue: KL PAC

Yeap, I looked blur hahahaha

The Merry-Go Round of Life - Joa Hisaishi, rearranged by me
Erm, please forgive my mistakes hehehe

Moanin'- Bobby Timmons
The winner of senior group,

An interlude from Secret movie by Jay Chou
The winner of group category.

The next day was the concert! Kindly check it out here. I had so much at these two nights! I love music even more after these, because it isn't merely about music, it's about friendship and teamwork. :)

p/s: Out of sudden, I miss my hair. *darn* D: