Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another random puzzle.

I feel like writing something, but my mind is just blank and plain. lol I hate this feeling when I want to do something yet my mind isn't cooperating. Weird right. lol This is definitely not the first time happen in my blog or in my daily life. hahaha 

My life recently is just clueless. I'm gonna sit for my music practical examination in next Tuesday which I am totally unprepared. I had not been practising my piano for almost two weeks, and my big day is approaching terrifyingly. I don't know why am I behaving like this, which I myself know it is really wrong and irresponsible, but I just lose my motivation, my passion which have turned into mist. I don't want to make my interest into a burden, I hate examinations, any kind of that. Well, who would love it anyway. Whenever examination strikes, I feel it's a burden on my shoulders and I can barely breathe. *I am finding excuses to not sit for that exam* lol I am seriously, regret so much for making that decision, and I should have chose self-study. whatever, it will not change any single fact that coming Tuesday is my big day. Another reason to moan over my sad life. 

The next thing is I hate myself for being so weak. Weak in controlling myself, my desire to spend money. fml so much right now. I am so into beauty stuff nowadays. hahahaha And I guess I've spent a lot of my "possessions" on my collection. I am student ya'know, so I have barely extra money for that, and so I have to sacrifice my saving. fml Okay, I am feeling really guilty right now. damn. So much wanted to punch myself in my face. lol

OKAY can you stop crappin'.

I shall convince myself that, life is not getting harder, it is just becoming a little different than the old one. And I have to overcome the varies to make it comfortable for myself to live. So, I need to be stronger.

My fav ^

keep moving, people.

take care, love ya'll

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Fine Dining - they say.

Greeting people! I left my blog idle for almost one month! Million apologies to my imaginees! My recent life was too uninteresting, I guess. And it's the second month of the semester, so everything is starting to become very intense and a lot of work to catch up. fml people. 
Yesterday, I was introduced to a fine dining at my college HELP CAT, prepared by the culinary arts students. I wanted to try out their cooking for a long time, since I enrolled the college. lol Finally, I got the chance to bring my taste buds to a test, sounds so serious jiang. nah, not really though. So, Natalie and I went to have a try! :) 

Anyway, let's start!

They served 4 courses, as shown in the picha above. lol

I kinda like it, because it had soda kind of feeling. so yeah right.

Appetizer - Seared Sea Scallop Truffle Salad with Honey - Lime Dressing.
Okay, to be very honest, they put too many raw onions for this appetizer. I ate one thin strip of raw onion instantly lost my appetite. lol But I like the scallop and the dressing. Just the raw onion is not my thing.

Starter - Cream of Mushroom Soup with French Tuile.
This soup is the best of all four courses, seriously. It was made from real mushrooms *happiness* and I love the creaminess. The taste is nice and the french tuile was also well seasoned with the garlic. I actually wanted to have a second one, but nah moderate Jam, moderate.

After the starter I was feeling a bit full, maybe I drank too much Mocktail. haha

Main Course - Alfredo Fettuccine with Seafood Cream Sauce.
The burnt looking prawn is not presentable but still edible. I like the sauce, not too creamy. The prawn somehow reminded me of mamak cuisine. I don't know how they seasoned the prawns, but they tasted more to Asian flavour. lol Overall, quite okay.

Dessert - Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream.
OKAY, this is really bad. The brownies was real damn hard. The taste isn't too bad, just the texture is totally MEH. I even used a knife to eat this thing. (picha below) so sad. So disappointed. Really.

It's just too difficult to eat, so I gave up.

Super full after the dessert, I fee kinda bloated haha. Then I was about to foot the bill, the server told me, tea or coffee. Natalie and I was like, seriously...
So, we opt for tea.

Beverage - Tea
Idk what kind of tea is that, just normal.

Finally, end of our dining! LOL

It is a new experience to have such a fine dining. Luckily the portion they served was not too big, or else I might contribute to another food wastage. lol Although is really simple, it worth every penny of my money because it only costs me RM20 for all this! So, I can't complain too much anyway. :) I know they worked really hard to serve us as well. I saw them cooking and preparing from the big window at the busy kitchen. All the best to them. haha

Anyway, the dishes were okay, except the brownies.

Okay, that's all for my first June post!

take care, loveya'll,

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Very foodie update

Halo guys, quite a big time gap from my previous update, hehe. I'm gonna make two foodie into one! hahahaha Enjoy!

Mother's Day kind of Dinner, ( Sausage and Ribs Shack ), 9th of May 2015, Saturday 
Yesterday night, my family and my aunt's family had a Mother's Day kind of dinner at Sausage and Ribs Shack located at Taman Midah, Cheras. I've been there for few times and I am quite satisfied with their dishes! 

So, let's my delicious looking photo to continue my post! 

Mushroom soup 
I was in love with this mushroom soup! I could chew some tiny chunk of mushroom and the just-right buttery taste was really mesmerizing! I couldn't have enough of it, omg.

They seasoned it with really nice sesame sauce! ;)

Pork Ribs (half rack)
To be very honest, I think it tastes much better than the M-field. The meat was so tender and it marinated so well!

Another kind of pork rib
The taste was kind of oriental and I don't know how to describe the taste. LOL 

Thin crust pizza

Tiger Prawn Spaghetti

Grilled Salmon
I guess yesterday the salmon was overcooked, so the taste wasn't as good as I expected. Again, the side-dish-mushroom won my heart hahaha
Rib Eye Steak
The steak was too big, it served with four juicy mushroom which instantly spice up the whole steak. But still, can't beat steaks from The Ship. lol

They have more different style of spaghetti and pizzas! Sometimes, they even introduce "today's special" to pamper your taste buds!

Then, after the meal, we had some really fun time talking about our childhood photos sent by our relatives. It brought so much laughter and memory, even though I have no single memory about the trip to Port Dickson. lol However, the photos really hahahahahaha

yeah, that's me in the phone. haha

Sausage and Ribs Shack
9, Jalan 2/105, Taman Midah, Cheras.
Call for reservations at 016-229 2168

A Date with Sisters, 10th May 2015, Sunday. ( Bangsar Village )
The original plan was not Bangsar, because I need to get something for my assignment, but then my sister isn't willing to go to Cheras Sentral. So, we opted for Bangsar Village, because the "something" is only available at more high-end grocery. lol Then, we had our brunch at NutMeg.

So disappointed at this "Cranberry Juice" which tasted like Ribena. wtf And it costs me RM13. zzZ

Fish and Chips
Well, not really that kind of fish I'm looking for, but it's not mine, so it's okay. hahahaha
The fish was so original, perhaps no marination process was done to the fish strips. lol

Beef and Lamb Bolognese 
The lamb was overwhelming. That's all I can say.

Nutmeg Big Breakfast
Okay, the scrambled egg was overseasoned, then I had to eat it with the brioche, so I don't spoil my taste buds. lol The overly cheesy fried mac and cheese weren't my kind of m&c. And overall, quite salty. lol

Mine. :P

Then, after grabbing my thing for assignment, my sister wanted to have a chill and coffee. Wanted to go to Dash of Nutmeg to chill, but the tables were limited, so we opted for artisan which kind of disappoint us. lol

Missing one sister whom she is now at Bangkok.

My piccolo. The taste was okay, but just overpriced I guess?
Spot my zebra ears? nyek nyek

Okay, that's all for today's post! I shall get back to my assignment! ;)

Hope you're not drooling now hahahahaha

take care, loveya,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's special, is nothing special.

Halo my imaginees, it has been a long time since my last post about my trip to Crab Island. hahaha There isn't much to talk about my recent life, except super packed time table. I've got a good news which is I pass my ABRSM Grade 7 Theory examination! Yay! What a great relief! But now more headaches are coming, my Sales presentation deadline and my music practical examination! I am so lost right now, I have mere idea about my presentation and my pieces are getting worse. wtf I have limited spare time for my practice. Moreover I am exhausted after my college, I ain't got anymore energy to focus on my piano practice. It brings to me another level of stress now, and ya'know I hate stress a lot, well, I don't see anyone likes them in any way.

Ohh yeah! Another thing is I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday! Happiness overloaded now! Well, to be very honest, I think the most exciting parts are shown in the trailer, lol. But of course in order to clearly know the story, the movie does do its job well. Some slow motion fighting scenes, I somehow find them quite funny which I don't know why. But as usual, some humor are still blended in well. To me it's like every thing happens so quickly and a bit messy which makes it weird. lol, I've no idea what I am talking now. Maybe I missed some part in the first few minutes, because I went in late, haha. But I don't think it makes a huge difference, hopefully. Still, worth to watch! ;)

x x x
I always want to run, I want an escape to a my kind of innisfree, but I have too much worries to bear. Perhaps, I am not brave enough to take the first step, because I am afraid of the aftermath of my action. But deep inside my heart, I struggle and hope to be freed, then I would be roaming freely in my wish of anywhere. It is really sad to see my soul and body are bound to the reality where I am powerless in control. I am lack of courage that would take me to my land of innisfree. I want to do and take control of whatever I want in my own wish, but life won't be easy to take it in. It loves to go for adventures, and undergo some ordeals to strengthen itself, somehow it tends to forget to enjoy the time it is left with after all this 'experiences'. And it tends to make me believe that I do enjoy the 'experience' it gains, which I have no idea if I really do remember its belief. I just want to escape, to be genuinely free, and letting go of those boundaries, I don't want to get caged in the reality. I just want to go and explore. All I want is peace of mind. 

The world is getting so competitive and I just want to leave the race. It is so tiring to be part of it, choosing not being competitive isn't meaning to lose, in other words it means strong, because I don't need to be competitive in order to prove my strength or win the race. *think-face* However, another question, why do we need to prove our strength or win the race? Is it really necessary? Or is it important? What is the intention of being competitive and proving ourselves and winning a race that would take us to nowhere? Have you really think about them? 

Okay, these thoughts are making me really emotional and it's overflowing now. lol I will leave the answers to you, because everyone has their own ones, and my answer, they are burdens.

loveya'll, take care,

Monday, April 06, 2015

Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) 1DayTrip, but it went out of the plan.

Heyyo my imaginees! I am back to update about my unforgettable and fruitful trip to Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) It was an adventurous trip and filled with a lot of surprises. lol It was supposed to be a one day trip, but ended up something else. (keep reading til the end, then you will know.) And we survived!

Our plan was to have an one day tour in the island, so we took public transport to the jetty. From Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM station to Port Klang has total 22 or 23 stations. It took me approximately 2 hours to the jetty. HAHAHAHAHA From KL Sentral to Port Klang was one and a half hour journey. It was a super long long long journey, but yes again we survived! ;)

The KTM station in Port Klang, the jetty is just a stone's throw distance.

On the way to our ferry. 
At the ticket counter, we were told that the last ferry back to port was 5.30pm. That was the last ferry back to land, or else the next morning earliest was 7.45am.

Before boarding, let's take a selfie! 
(left to right, me, Jean, Natalie and Amanda)

On the way...

Mangroves yo!

After roughly 45 minutes of ferry ride, we were eventually here! yooooooosh!

See the crab? There was a lot of crabbies living there, well, ya'know it's Crab Island!

With Amanda

The clinic in the island

Fire station!

Then, we rented bicycles RM5 for whole day, from Sea Lion Hotel located nearby the jetty. A lot of shops provide this service as well! Then, Yay! Let's start the ride!

Stopped by somewhere in the island to take picha! haha

After an hour of riding, we opted for lunch at the restaurant. We had a high expectation for their seafood, but it didn't turn out well as we thought. *sigh*

"Baby" coconut, each RM5.50. Unbelievable price for a coconut.

Salted egg sotong which tasted sweet, yet not salty and there wasn't any taste of salted egg... Really disappointed on this dish.

Steamed "Baby" fish.

Lala 啦啦煎 
(not from the restaurant, but the stall nearby)

Oyster 蚝煎
(not from the restaurant, but the stall nearby)

Total bill. I was shocked, mostly because of those coconuts I guess.
Overall about the lunch was kinda disappointing at both, taste and price. lol

After waking up from my shock, Natalie wanted to buy some souvenirs (food) from a shop she visited before.

Spot someone please, hahahahaha

After buying some stuff, then continued our discovery in this island! ;)

Jean is behind acting emo. lol

Spot someone huh. haha

Perfect lighting for selfie! 

We've got a poser here.

Trying to pose like something, yeah, something.


Posers at work here. :P

Found a creepy wood here. :S I feel kinda disgusted, I'm sorry.

Again, posers at work.

Our poser. Miss Amanda.

Pathetic dead fish. RIP

Trying to be artistic here. hahaha

Bright pink house spotted! 

The heat was unbearable, I was kind of burning under the sun. Even my seat on my bicycle was burning as well. Hell yeah, don't leave your seat empty under the sun, just cover it with something or anything, or else your butt might need to suffer. lol

Then, we went to have some snow ice to cool down our body temperature, otherwise, we might hit the boiling point soon. hahaha

Passion Mango

Honey Dew, RM4 each
Too sweet, and those flavors... are kind of disgusting. lol 

The roads there are quite narrow, only for motorcycles and bicycles. So, you can opt for either one or walking. haha


After having to cool down a bit, then we continued again, wandering around! Found a little cafe to chill again, probably favorite entertainment spot for the students there, as there are some schools nearby.

Met a cute and obedient doggie! He is so clever!!! Aaghhh, I was completely melted when he came to me. 

Yesh, next we went to see their schools!

Colourful houses!

Overall, the ride was nice, the town is so peaceful and quiet! ;) I like it pretty much! A lot of temples can be found in every corner in the island. hehe Only thing is the direct penetration of sunlight, alot of sunscreen is needed! I've got sunburn around my neck which is quite awkward. lol 

Okay, the climax's here now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (a lot of words, be prepared)
After wandering around the jetty side area, we crossed a bridge to another area of Crab Island. Our last ferry back to port was 5.30pm, so after we finished wandering, I thought we were about leave at 5.10pm. Then, Nat and Amanda went to another junction to continue their adventure.... Then, me and Jean opted for safer option, we went back to another end of the bridge to wait for them, I thought they might turn back since not seeing us behind...

After 5 minutes..... Then, 10 minutes... Okay shit. I called Natalie, then she told me they couldn't find their way out. fml now. Then, Jean went to look for them, luckily they found someone to bring them out of the maze. So then, we rushed to the jetty, cycled as fast as we could. I simply threw my bicycle to the hotel, then ran to the jetty hopefully the ferry hadn't leave yet.

On the way to jetty, someone cycled passed by me and told me. "Need not to run anymore, the ferry is leaving now" I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFF, I wanna go home!

Then, four of us were sitting hopelessly and helplessly at the jetty, hopefully there would be any boat to port... I can never forget that moment, that feeling. When I called my mom to tell her I couldn't make it home tonight, she was like WTF as well. lol I couldn't do anything but just nodding at the phone. After she had finished her lecture, she advised me to stay there one night, which was the only option, because another side of the island was getting dark, the rain was coming....

After knowing that, I went to look for help to get us transport or anything, then the heavy rain and strong wind hit me. OH HOLY SHIT now, I rushed back to them, and we went to the hotel where we rented our bicycles (SeaLion Hotel) where it is a stone's throw distance from the jetty, to see if there was any accommodation for the four pathetic us. At the meantime I had not much of cash left, roughly RM30. After working hard to bargain with the lady boss, we managed to get one room with two queen size beds and a toilet for RM80. Million thanks for her kindness! What a day!

So then, under an unprepared situation, we had a rough night. LOL Sweaty body and hell stink hair and without any clean clothes or proper one to change. Except for Jean, she brought an entire set of clothes, smart huh. I'd only brought a singlet and my boyshort. Amanda and Nat nope, nothing. lol 

Then, simply washed up except for the hair, super sticky, itchy and stinky. Under such situation we left with no much of choice, but just went ahead of what we could do. A lot of appreciation to Jean as well, went out few times to get dinner and Nat's lotion, that lotion freak hahahahaha. 

It was a long night, I couldn't sleep well due to that freaking hard and thick pillow, as if my neck was hanging in between the pillow and my shoulders. lol What a night I told myself and great experience. The earliest ferry was 7.45am, so we made sure not to miss this ferry even though the day was still long to have more ferries, but the problem was our hygiene. LOL We need a proper wash. *cry* My skin was super dry despite I brought my Bio-Essence Miracle Water mist, I sprayed countless time to ease away that freaking dryness, yet still not as effective as I thought. It shows that it isn't as moisturizing as I thought, but anyway better than nothing, however this mist works better on my rashes than Avene. haha

Before heading out, let's take a groufie!

Sun Rise babe!

Ticket to home. Our land.

YESH, then we eventually made it safely to KTM and another one and a half hour to KL Sentral. In the KTM, I was mentally and physically exhausted due to little rest, lol. I wanted to sleep, but then I just couldn't do it in public transport. hahaha After interchanged to LRT, got into my mom's car, I know I was HOME.


Bathed properly and feeling clean and fresh. 
That feeling was indescribable! So, all of us learn a lesson. HAHAHAHA My mom kept laughing at me because of our stupidity. ... It might sound stupid and pathetic, but this is not something you can expect to encounter, nor you want to make it into your daily routine. HAHAHA However, the experience itself is priceless, and undergoing this kind of situation with friends is another remarkable memory you want to make with them. After all, it isn't a bad experience, at least we've created new and fresh memory in our lives.

In a nutshell, never go for a one day trip to an island, just decide for 2D1N. Don't take the risk. Unless you want some survival experience. lol Not too hard kind of survival thing, just mainly hygienic problem. My hair was miserable and my skin. lol It was fun, anyway I had another plus +1 for my 19th year! HAHAHA 

Great time spent with adorable people! ;)

That's all for my unexpected 2D1N trip to Crab Island! That's how it went out of the plan.