Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Options, with courage.

Halo imaginees! *sigh* My final examination week strikes again, it's on next week. As usual, unmotivated before finals. HAHAHAHA Most probably because I had my music theory examination on last Monday, then I felt that something big had over, so I tend to loosen out a bit. Well, not a bit, is a lot. *guilty* Anyway, it had been a long time since I had my theory examination, excluding the recent one, as I had skipped two grades I guess. *smirk* Not meaning that I am smart or good in theory kind of thing, because I am too lazy to go for every grade. So, it was a bit strange to me during the examination, but it is a great relief when I walked out of the examination hall, because I am really sucks in that kinda thing, but bigger things are coming ahead, which are worse than that. First is my finals, and next is gonna be my practical examination, which I don't wanna comment on that. ya'know. *lmao* 

To be very honest, I've been slacking for two days after my music examination and I am really enjoying the days. It feels so good for not doing anything, but just slack, as if nothing bothers you and just live your life without needing to worry about your duties. However, I know now isn't the right time to enjoy, because finals are on next week. Despite three days, somehow deep inside me is telling me not to bother so much! hahahaha that evil side of me, and frankly I am listening to 'her', because I'd been doing too much for my life. HAHAHA which I am supposed to do, but still... Okay, I am denying everything. Fine, I surrender. 

Okay, this post is obviously crapping about my procrastination and incapability of self-control. Sorry for wasting your time on this. Real thing is coming next.

Recently, something came across my mind. 

You don't use others eyes to define who you are. Why would you care so much for something unworthy? Why would you want to define yourself by using others definition? Why would you want to define yourself? There is no need a definition for you, because you are who you are. I know, most of the time we tend to prioritize other's opinions before ourselves. That's part of humanity which is true but in the meantime sad as well. There is no need to label ourselves nor label others. You are who you are. Especially, some people they tend to judge people who love wearing makeup and well-dressed, which I find those people are really annoying. You are no one to judge people who love doing what they want. And your disgusting face is polluting the world, yes, I am being judgmental here, because you started it in the first place. :P *okay I am being childish here* hahaha, it's true, but useless. 

It's really sad to realize that we can't do anything to them, but there is one thing we can do, which is to make ourselves a better person, by doing what we love the most without minding those extremely judgmental people. YESH! Doing what you love and right, makes you a better person, and don't give up in pursuing your dream. Do what's the best for you. You are who you are and you know who you are.

Life is meant to be filled with ups and downs, where you will be the one who compose all the parts of your story. You have options, but you need courage to make the decisions. That's the most arduous task in life, but we all ought to undergo it. 

Just accept the fact that this world is judgmental, but 

Don't judge people with your eyes, judge with your wisdom. 

Then, hopefully you will find it interesting to know the positives of humanity.

That's all,
loveya'll and take care,


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The CNY spirit! whoooooooosh~ Part3

Hello imaginees! I am back for my CNY spirit post! This is my last CNY spirit post, as I've said, my CNY is really short, not many of visiting my relative or friends houses due to the test. 

So, the second day of CNY aka Chor Yee, my family went back to my hometown for dinner and gatherings! ;) It was a well-spent day as well, because bonding time is always the best activity to spend a day! Especially, festive season. lol

Let's start off with a family reunion lunch with my mom-side-relatives.

Happy time with cousies! ;)

Happy family. wheeeeee~

random selfie hahaha

Then, second round of gathering with my-papa-side-relatives!

Trying to open the red wine sponsored by my uncle to celebrate CNY! yoooo!


love this picha! because I look pretty there! :x


Third day of CNY aka Chor Sam went to visit another relative ;) 


Couldn't help but wanna take a selfie with him. Chubby-ness overloaded hahahaha

After that, me with my mom, aunt and sistas went to three malls (Quill City Mall, KLCC and TheGardens) to spend our day. Malls tour ya'know. LOL Such a long time I'd experience this, because when I was a kid, I used to do this all the time with my mom and aunt and sis! hahahahahahaha So reminiscing! 

Okay, that's all for my CNY spirit post! Seeya next year for CNY post! hahahaha 

all the best! *muacks*

take care, loveya


Saturday, March 07, 2015

The CNY spirit! whoooooooosh~ Part2

Let's continue my CNY spirit post! haha First day of CNY aka ChorYat, my family had a gathering at my aunt's house! It was a joyous gathering and filled with so much CNY spirit! haha

In the morning, as usual tradition we visited the temple located at Tayton for better welfare and more happiness! haha

After that, we went to my aunt's house for lunch and family gathering!

AngAng ahhh!

Lion dance at the opposite neighbour's house!

Lou-sang! My cousie's favourite ;)


Cousife (cousie selfie) lol too much stipulative! 


After some usual CNY tradition games, my Jez cousie suggested to go for cheong K session!
Then, yesh, let's go ahead!

There was too many crazy moment in that room! hahaha, endless 'shouting' from me, as I don't know why the mic couldn't receive my voice clearly, so I had to shout or scream LOL

Then, our session was intruded by our fav God of Prosperity! yay! 

Then, sang til around 8pm, we went back to our homes.

That day, we all had a great family bonding time and so much fun, til we lost ourselves hahahaha. It is another to be remembered as well! I hope we can have more in future, because I can't get enough of this boding time! 
As time passes, we learn how quality bonding time and the time we are able to spend together are precious and memorable. It will become part of our life, and will be written so beautifully in our life stories. Cherish all the time we spend with our loved ones, because one day you will miss every moment you spend with them and maybe they will not return anymore.

So, be kind be gentle. And one day you will know why.

take care and love ya,


Thursday, March 05, 2015

The CNY spirit! whoooooooosh~

Finally, my assignment period has over! WHooosh! It had been a hectic college life, especially the song parody assignment. Despite needing to change the lyrics, recording and filming, editing and paperwork had killed me really slowly. Although it was somewhat fun, but still it had killed me countless time and gave me lots of stress due to the deadline and the CNY spirits! lol I eventually have time to blog about my recent life! 

Before I go into my CNY spirit, I would like to start off with my birthday which was long ago, haha! Well, this year was quite simple yet surprising, just a simple but joyful homecook dinner with my family. Then, my colly-beatch gave me a huge surprise by embarrassing me in college HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, I never thought of that surprise anyway, especially that card! Thank you so much for your gals' effort for making it happened so 'sweetly'. Then, a simple lunch with my beatch 'ja-ku-line', Easther and Kailin. Next, my potatoes and I had a simple gathering at Sushi Zamai before CNY, and on that day I had my first lou-sang in 2015! wheeee~ Okay, that was long-winded, but YAY! Million thanks to those who made it so unforgettable! As what my sista told me on that day, I am late tens now. lol How time flies, and my life is going on so well uh.

Potatoes ;)

Now finally, my CNY! This year, my CNY felt so short!! Perhaps, the holiday given wasn't enough for me, well, I am no longer a school student, so yeah, no school holiday for me. *sad* This CNY is way too different than my old ones. It was seriously, too short! I wasn't even prepare for my schooling, especially first day of college reopen, I'd a test. -__- What a nice start off after the beginning of CNY.
Then, let's move on to my reunion lunch with my beloved family! We had it at Contango, Majestic Hotel, as we had my mother's day celebration there last year! The feedback was so good, so we opted to try it out again this year! yay!

18th February 2015, Wednesday @ Contango, Majestic Hotel.

WARNING: no food photos, but prettah humans! :)

Groufie in da car, of course!

Crazy groufie with sistas! xoxo

Trying to feel the flow of the swimming pool.

Eager for a swim, but nono, regardless you did bring your towel and swimsuit girl. hahahaha
*both are looking undeniably cute in their cheongsams!*

Usual spot to take photo, because of the beautiful orchids and the lighting! haha

Awww, so sweet!

#epicfail of trying to imitate *ehem* a model. That face is horrible. lol

nah, go for a selfie is way better! lol

What do you think? hmmph?

Familfie! *lmao*

After that, we went to Pavilion to see the big deer, oppps, Goat. I somehow kept saying it's a deer. I wonder how, I wonder why. hmmph

My mom is way too adorable! haha

I couldn't help but must upload this photo, because of its epicness, as usual from my lil sis.

It's a toothpaste adv. *yellowish, fine, blinky white* hahahahaha  

Okay guys, that's a short update for my CNY! whooooosh! Hopefully I can update more on tomorrow. This month is going to be a stressful one, as there is too many tests going on! My ABRSM theory and my sem finals are around the corner! I shall not fail my teacher and lecturers anymore! Nor I want to deepen my guilt for being incapable. lol I shall rest more, feeling not very well these days, headache is giving me lots of hard times again.

take care, loveya